Saturday, October 31, 2015

HSG -- Hysterosalpingogram


It seems like a tongue twister HSG or hysterosalpingogram is an x-ray procedure to test the fallopian tubes if it’s blocked or patent which is the cause of a woman’s infertility. More info here from Google. 

Since me and hubby are TTC (trying to conceive) for over a year now (we’re 1 year married), I consulted Dra. Arlene Ricarte-Bravo, OB from Makati Medical Center. She’s an Infertility specialist with good reviews from women who became prego under her care. I told her my dilemma and advised me to undergo  HSG to check my tubes. She said to schedule it on the 5th-10th day after my period. And so we scheduled it last 09 October 2015.

It’s somewhat annoying or I don’t know how to call it that when I called her assistant Ms. Janet and asked about the cost, she said she doesn’t know. So I called MMC radiology departmet to ask for the cost and they told me 5-8k pesos depending on the materials to be used. So I called again Ms. Janet to ask how much would be the PF, and still her answer was ‘I don’t know. I will compute it depending on the cost of the procedure’. I told her to give me just the range so I can prepare, still she didn’t give me figures. How could it ever be? This won't be the first time right?

I proceeded with the procedure anyway. Somewhat half hearted because the assistant won't cooperate. The process itself did not last for 5mins. The experience, well, it was painful when the dye were flushed, but tolerable. I read from other blogs that it is more painful if the fallopian tube was blocked. Thank you Lord that mine was patent. I can still conceive, in Your time.

So after the procedure, there comes Ms. Janet the assistant. Assessed the bill and told us the PF was whooping 10k. Since she never told us how much would it be even the range, hubby negotiated with her (I was so drowsed due to the medicine injected to me - diphen). She said 'ganun talaga, minsan nga 12k...' Hubby told her 'alam nyo naman po pala, nagtatanong kami magkano kahit range di kayo nagsasabi. kulang tuloy dala namin.' The discussion ended me at the ATM withdrawing since we don't have enough cash. She never let us have a discount. The most amazing thing of it all is that she didn't give us a receipt! Hubby demanded at first but Ms. Janet said that we will pay for the tax! Where on earth she got that?! I just asked hubby not to argue anymore as I want to go home. I can see that he was so furious. He said never mind how much the PF was, she just and must clear it first, and the fact the we consistently asked her about it.

My friend Lanie had the same procedure early this year. She paid 5500 pesos for everything. She has a different OB though. Mine was 3x higher. Sigh to that. Consolation is that everything is okay. And oh, the nurses at MMC were all great and reliable. You can never go wrong in MMC when it comes to service. :)

A piece of advise to all hopeful ladies, if you will undergo HSG, look for a cheaper Lab and ask the assistant or the OB to be transparent about the fees. No doubt Dra. Bravo is an expert in her field. I don't have any complains about her. Regarding her fees, its always her assistant to be asked about --- who never tells everything nor even a range about the cost.

HSG procedure + medicines/equipment: 6600+ Php
Professional Fee: 10k Php

Below is the picture of my HSG and bill from MMC.

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