Tuesday, December 30, 2008

anj+rey wedding

cervantes, ilocos sur

first wedding sa 4~na~sikat! =)
the nyt prior the wedding day..sayawan galore...
wah! kakaloka ang sayawan magdamag...
its a good experience though.. hehehehe

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


day 3 - dec 1, 2k8

kiltepan peak
rock-inn orange picking
bomod-ok big falls

Saturday, December 6, 2008

mtics2k2 xmas party 2008

05dec2k8 @ music21

1G and 1H Computer Engg Tech batch 2002 - SOLID!!

bhodzki - thanks for financial support! =) kahit wala k dito sa pinas naaalala mo p rin kami.. ahuhuhu nakakaiyak.. mis yah! ingats kaw jan sa kiwi

sa lahat ng umatend - rock on! thanks for making this happen =) \m/

sa mga hindi nkaatend - sana next time paramdam n kyo!

sa mga walang pananaw - ok lang! hehehehe

sa mga MTICS OFWs - pag uwi nyo reunion ulit!! =)

lulu - thanks sa pics mo sa friendster nigrab ko.. hehehehe

Friday, December 5, 2008

Feel the earth – The SAGADA adventure

Spelunking at SAGADA was an experience I never tho
ught I would enjoy. It was a different venture that pushed my feet to its limits, so to speak. Kumapal ang mga talampakan ko! But oh dear, it was really really fun kahit super nakakapagod. Its all worth it!

We started at LUMIANG BURIAL
CAVE around 1500H and got out of SUMAGUING CAVE around 1930H. Mejo traffic when we got to sumaguing, daming tourists eh. If not with the best guides of SAGGAS, we won’t get through it all unharmed. Hehehehe Thanks to our shy but superb and patient guide LESTER TAO-EY and his apprentice MANONG DANIEL aka BOY (I hope I got his name right) for keeping us safe and securing our cameras. They also lend us their legs, shoulders and arms as our ladder whenever we encounter difficulty through the hurdles of the cave.

BTW, Lester just turned 22yo last dec 2, the day we left sagada. We called him MANONG or KUYA only to find out that he is so much younger than us! wah!!! He started his career when he was 16 and he is knowledgeable about sagada's history. Every single detail, name, date and event, you bet, he knows it. Highly recommended!! Galing mag take ng pictures!! sabi nga ni Manong Boy "SMELL" ehehehe.. if you want to contact him, nasa contacts ko sha dito sa multiply slash friendster account. or better visit their group site


Hay, kahit all I got was a win
d-burned face and throbbing soles, I’ll definitely go back here. I enjoyed the food (especially @ MASFERRE’S and BANA’S CAFÉ). I love the people kasi rosey cheeks sila hehehe. I like their skin, walang pimples!!! wah inggit ako

Sabi nga ni Manong Boy, “Are you okay? This is what you call FEEL THE EARTH!! Feeling the earth, you feel the hurt after…masakit na katawan a
t paa mo!” Panalo ka Manong!!! Very Clever huh! hehehe

DAY 1 – Nov 29 – Lumiang Burial – Sumaguing cave connection

DAY 2 – Nov 30 – St. Mary’s Anglican Church


Sight Seeing @ Echo Valley / Rock climbing / Hanging Coffins,


Underground river, Bokong Small Falls

DAY 3 – Dec 1 – Kiltepan Peak,

Rock-Inn Orange Picking,

Bomod-ok Big Falls

mtics2k2 xmas party

Start:     Dec 5, '08 7:00p
hi classmates! c u at music21

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

spelunking - SAGADA 1/3

day 1 - nov 29

lumiang burial cave - sumaguing cave connection...

panalo!! =)