Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me and Tatay!

January is the month I've always looking forward to. Aside from being it is the first month of the year (ah yeah to start the year right), it is the feast month of our patron Sto. Niño, birth month of my Tatay, and most of all, my birth month too! :)

Just yesterday (29th), Tatay turned 56. And last 24th, I turned.... ah never mind. Bwhahahaha this is the start of denial. Hint! I'm still in the calendar :P

Well, this year was the first bleak birthday ever. Aside that I don't have the usual 'party' or mini get together, I just feel tedious and I don't know why. Since I have nothing to do on that very day, and nowhere else to go, I opted to go to the office. The usual office day (imagine that on your special day! @_@). My good friend Robert asked me if I was okay cos he thought I was sad. So after work, asked him to accompany me and pamper ourselves with a supposed to be relaxing Ventosa massage at Mt. Albo Spa in MarketMarket! But to my surprise, I didn't feel relieved at all. Instead, I felt that as if bunch of burglars punched my back as it was aching so badly with so much bruises! (It lasted for 3days). Lesson learned: will never try Ventosa again (not in the next 3 months I guess) hahaha!

We ended the day by eating dinner at Max's. Thanks to Robert for joining me or else, I will be singing "All by myself". Feeling just like Bridget Jones minus the brandy and river of tears. And to make this very special day more worse, 2 guests were surprised with a birthday cake while the Tagalog Happy Birthday Song uproared the whole restaurant. I just imagined they were singing for me too. OMG, realization, Naege Saeng Il Chukha! Repeated that to myself until I got home and noting that this is a good training once I go abroad. I will celebrate every occasion ALL BY MYSELF! What a dreadful thought!

 yummy blueberry cheesecake by Desserts from my kuya
 (better late than never!)

So much of the not so happy birthday, yesterday was Tatay's birthday. I tried to cook Lechon Roll the first time. And yeah, it was so good! Just too bad that the pork belly was so fatty, it was super dooper tasty. Happy with the outcome. :)

tatay's simple handa this year

And oh, I tried to bake oatmeal cookies too. I just saw the oatmeal jar and thought that before it even gets expired, I will turn it to cookies. First time to do it too and the verdict?! Hell yeah, so good and crunchy! Happy day! :)

toasted? nah... raisin cookies

Hopefully, this will be the first and last gloomy birthday for me. Looking forward to a brighter days this year! Aja Aja! Fighting! :)

Now playing: TITANIUM ♪♫I'm bulletproof, nothing to lose. fire away, fire away. ricochet, you take your aim. fire away, fire away. you shoot me down, but I won't fall. I am titanium. you shoot me down, but I won't fall. I am titanium♪♫

Sunday, January 27, 2013

things i wanted to do.....

or rather, mybucketlist ... :0)

Life is too short as everyone says. Usually when people die, we cannot help but look back the days that passed us by. Normally, we hear praises, regrets and sentiments. 

I am making a list of things I want to do before I die. This list will include the things I want to do, places I wanna go to….. Some of them may seem impossible… sound stupid (because its too easy but i cant do it)...or you may think I am a ridiculous dumb, but who cares anyway. Do you?

  1. visit each province in phils
  2. tour europe
  3. have a vacation at the Bahamas
  4. join a Carribean cruise
  5. explore the architectural ruins of GreeceRomeEgypt and Cambodia
  6. walk the length of the Great Wall of China
  7. get a tattoo
  8. hear a mass at St. Peter's Square
  9. bake a cake prefectly
  10. understand those who can't
  11. own a big poultry farm
  12. own a fish pond
  13. learn palm reading
  14.  do skiing
  15. learn to play the drums
  16. learn to strum guitar
  17. ride a hot air balloon
  18. be a belly dancer
  19. load and fire a gun
  20. skydive
  21. donate blood
  22. climb every mountain in Phils..
  23. bungee-jump
  24. stay in a haunted house (with ate jen, mj and 4-na-sikat...awhuu!!!)
  25. para-sail/para-glide
  26. learn wushu or karate
  27. be familiar with the vinzon-arejola clans
  28. build an orphanage
  29. learn how to play volleyball
  30. ride the merry-go-round again and rides at eurostar
  31. have a photo taken at the Niagara Falls
  32. own a house
  33. own a car
  34. visit all tourist destinations in the Philippines
  35. learn to swim
  36. scuba dive (done!)
  37. experience an African/Safari adventure
  38. learn to speak Gaelic, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Korean and Mandarin
  39. win in a casino
  40. visit and experience the 8 Wonders of the World..
  41. drive a motorcycle
  42. donate a large amount of money to charity
  43. experience a kiss in the rain
  44. work as a crew at any fast food chain
  45. say sorry to the people I hurt, messed up with
  46. interview a vampire
  47. Learn to dance the tango and salsa
  48. perform with a live band  (MYBP rock on!)
  49. dance with my favorite streetboys infront of 20K+ people 
  50. live with nicholas byrne for a week 
  51. have a cooking show at foodnetwork with the barefoot contessa, bobby flay or giada de laurentiis
  52. watch boyzone live
  53. watch party at the park and prince's trust in UK
  54. have a clown fish and name him nemo
  55. be a better person
  56. bonding with my siblings
  57. let go of the people who don't care
  58. become a farmer and discover my green thumb
  59. establish my own business
  60. own a charming beach resort
  61. have a family of my own
  62. live overseas (ireland or japan will do!)
  63. read more
  64. have a good body massage
  65. learn kick-boxing
  66. join a road trip with strangers
  67. drink with strangers
  68. a family getaway in a foreign country
  69. watch the glorious setting of the sun in a mountain peak (d0ne)
  70. read the dictionary
  71. watch hilarious oldie films
  72. explore the old castles in Ireland
  73. ride a helicopter
  74. learn to fly
  75. overcome fears
  76. be more compassionate and patient
  77. learn how to bike
  78. learn how to drive a car
  79. be a recognized photographer
  80. be familiar with psychological maladies
  81. give birth to my own child
  82. be good in kayaking
  83. learn how to fish the tribal way
  84. experience catching fish with fishermen
  85. be physically-fit
  86. teach how to read and write to depressed areas
  87. appreciate more
  88. heart to heart talk with a mentally challenged
  89. be a pilot and fly an A380
  90. be a contestant in a reality show
  91. experience the alps in New Zealand
  92. try the fun-run (done!)
  93. play chinese garter and 10-20 again
  94. read a persons mind
  95. be a sensational singer
  96. die first before anyone else I love dearly
  97. exchange vows underwater or at the mountain peak during sunset
  98. punch the F*#%ing faces of all people who didn’t treat me well as I remember
  99. be invisible 
  100. never experience pain 

can’t believe that I’m the fool again…if I let you go…

I can’t believe that until now, I am still a massive fan of the greatest boyband I ever knew. They may be too bland to any other boyband fanatics out there, but for me, this 3/5 blond guys are irreplaceable. Making hot chart topper hits across the globe. Beating music legends like ‘The Beatles’ for the Guinness Records. They’re totally phenomenal.

I was in 4th year high school when I first heard their song. At first, my mates and I thought that they were just copycats of our favorite band BOYZONE. Ok, boyzone were splitting up that time. Ronan was going solo. Steo admitted he's a fag and also went solo. So Louis Walsh made a fallback band. And there, WESTLIFE was born.

‘I never wanna say goodbye. Cos I never wanna see cry. I swore to my love will remain. And I swear it all over again’. The MTV was too vague. I mean, five guys in black singing at the stage. And that’s it? It was like, ‘another boyband?! duh?’. But when boyzone finally went out of the scene and I heard their first ever released EP, I said to myself, ‘not bad at all’. In fact, they’re good. I mean, very good.
Even my parents were very supportive of this westlife madness. They know their every song. They call me when they saw westlife on TV. When tatay was in China, he even bought me their Dublin Concert CD. They even let me post westlife posters in our room. They didn’t bother with my bizarre fondness at all!

As a fan, I really went gaga over these guys. I spent a lot of my savings from my baon just to buy 2 copies of their every album (one to be played over and over again, and one as a keepsake). I watched their concerts here inManila. I made friends with other westlifers (as we call ourselves =P). I had pen mates all over the world. (I still have the CD-MAG magazine my friend from UK sent me for my birthday. It had NICKY on the cover and she knew that he’s my fave and I must have that mag. It was never sold here in Asia eh) I joined a westlife fans club-manila. I still have their WESTLIFE STORY book which was fromUK. (I was proud then that I have it because not all the Filipino fans can have it And only limited copies were sold here). I bought international magazines like TOTP and Smash Hits because they feature Westlife.  It has pin-ups in it aside from the ultimate chismis. I still even have those glossy pin-ups in a clear book reallysafe. I have a westlife tee. And to top of it all, I even have locals mags, songhits which features westlife.

There was this local songhits then named SOLID GOLD. (I don’t know if it still exists in the market) which has a column called CHAT ATTACK. Boyband fans has a word war against other fans. BSB vs Boyzone. BSB vs WESTLIFE. HANSONS vs MOFFATTS. BRITNEY vs CHRISTINA. NSYNC vs BSB (isn’t it obvious that BSB fans then were stabbers? ). Hehehehe. I have nothing against other bybands. I do listen to their songs. But if they're fans would condemn westlife, ah, it means WAR!! It’s so humiliating to say, but I even tried to write in that cheap crap! Hehehe. Well, that was during college. I read there that one BSB fan called westlife a fag. That Brian looks like a dog.(what da??!! was she sure thats brian she's pertaining to??) And any disgusting words that a lousy freak girl could ever say just to obliterate westlife. So there was I, furious. My blood raised to the highest level it could ever manage! (exaggerated! ) The fact that I really don’t have to deal with such loathsome, I tried to write an email to the editor. And to my surprise, in the
next issue, my attack was published. It never gave me any relief though. But at least, through that writing, I hoisted somebody else's eyebrows! Bwahahaha 

There nothing constant in this world, but change. Brian quit westlife and went solo. The remaining four lads Shane, Kian, Nicky and Mark are still making it through. Not as popular to teen boppers as before
 though. Making hits to serenade and rekindle our  hearts.

Funny now, or so it seems, listening to their songs now still makes me feel young at heart and nonetheless, go crazy. Though I am not that active as before, I still support them. I still love those Irish Lads. Gazing at their angelic faces, blue and hazel sincere eyes, ah, heaven on earth! 

Looking back, I can still smile and proud to say, Hey, I’m a westlife fan. And forever will be. Whatever!

sagada the shangri-la!

12-14 of April year 2010 marked my second visit in Sagada, one of my favorite places here in the Philippines. Me and my new found friends took the MNL-Banaue route to take sight of the famous Banaue Rice Terraces in Ifugao. Indeed, the spectacular “hagdang-hagdang palayan” is a wonderful panorama.
banaue, rice terraces

After the 10-hours rollercoaster ride, we finally reached our destination, Sagada!

First day, 1300H when the adventure started. Even it was my second time to do the Lumiang-Sumaguing Cave Connection; I still felt the excitement of the spelunking thrill. I am very proud with my first-timer friends who showed enthusiasm despite of the pain and muscle ache they’ve been feeling all throughout the spelunking. Of course, with the help of our super saggas guides, Lester, kuya Janu, kuya Kevin and kuya Rod, we all finished the obstacle safely. 

rice granary

rock curtain

kuya kevin, in action

kuya rod, in action

Second day, Kiltepan Peak sunrise was not very astonishing for me. It’s my second time, and yet, sea of clouds didn’t appear. Lester teased me that I have to come back for the third time to see the sea of clouds. Ano yan, parang Pulag lang ha! Kelangan tatlong balik! 

kiltepan peak, sunrise 

Then there’s the Bomod-Ok Big Falls. I was stunned when I saw the ‘big’ falls. Although Lester already gave me an advance warning that the falls is already ‘false’, I was still shocked and felt bad. Is this really El Niño? Water from the falls is the now being used for the irrigation in the Aguid Rice terraces, that’s the reason why the falls is not a falls anymore, but droplets of water. Even so, we did enjoy the cold water of the falls basin.
 bomod-ok big falls (then)
bomod-ok big 'false' (now)
As we headed back to the Traveler’s Inn, rain poured heavily. Okay, so we are a blessing. Hurray! We almost missed the Lake Danum Bonfire, thanks Bro for stopping the rain for a while. But when we reached Lake Danum, rain poured down again! Argh, may kinakasal na tikbalang! But that didn’t stop us. Lester and kuya Kevin made a bonfire which Aya enjoyed the most --- playing with the fire. 
lake danum


st. mary's anglican church
(kuya alex, lyn, aya, L.A, ate anette, lei, jepoy)

The last day was the saddest part of this trip. We left Sagada with a heavy heart. I promised myself to come back really soon and climb Mt.Ampacao. Maybe there, I could see sea of clouds that Kiltepan Peak never showed me.  Sabi ni Lester, I should try in September. But I’m decided, I’ll come back on January, that will be my birthday climb. I hope there’s some people who would want to join me. We’ll cook spaghetti and party in the summit. Can’t wait! 

Note: I hope that Kuya whom I met from Bontoc-Baguio ride will give some time to contemplate on what we have discussed. ;-P I hope to meet you somewhere and admit, tell me that I am right. 

thanks to my friends and sponsors who made this trip a memorable one. (saggas/mountainhardwear/lafuma/adidas/joy/ateannette/atela/atelyn/lei/kuyaalex/jepoy)

out of reach outreach

After so many invitations from kuya ojie, I gave this one a chance to experience the shoe giving outreach program by LTP Malaya Mountaineering Club in cooperation with the NGO, WE Phils and TOMs Shoes. The beneficiary were three elementary schools in Tanay Rizal namely: Tinucan, Sta. Ines, and the ever challenging Sitio Kinabuan.

15Oct2010 Day 1 

First day was a very unfortunate start. We left Villamor Airbase an hour back the planned departure for reasons whatever they were. At 0730H, LTP shuttle bus loaded by around 80 volunteers, we headed to our destination.

Maybe due to overloading, the bus stopped 3 times due to leak. I'm not very familiar with the cause but what they said was that the piston broke down and needs to be repaired. Luckily, our driver knows something about repairing autos so he did the repair himself. But the road in Rizal was a steep assault, that means the bus cannot carry us anymore. The Malayan members decided to fetch the jeepney which will be the one to take us to where we should go. Then the jeepney came after an hour or more, our first stop was Tinucan Elementary School.

The road to Tinucan was a very rough and wild journey. Thank heavens it was not raining or else, I reckon we're gonna be stucked or walk the muddy road and cross the more or less 7 rivers. Well, jeepneys there are well equipped just like the jeep of kuya roger (rip+) of Mt. Pulag. See the wheel spikes they used? Impressive huh? This jeep and the driver's skills kept us safe through our journey from and to the jump off. If a picture could paint a thousand words, then I hope the government will do more road improvement projects. 

We arrived at Tinucan Elem School around 1130H. The children we're patiently waiting for us. Sorry kids for the delay. Kuya Ogie, Kuya Jun, Leila and me were assigned in grade 5. But due to many volunteers and only 15 kids are in grade 5, dismay as I am, I was not able to do my duty there to fit them their shoes. Sadly, not all kids got their shoes due to size discrepancies. Most shoes are way too big for them. WE Phils promised those kids that they will receive their perfect fit shoes in a week. So I guess, size really does matters! :)

After the event, the students gave us a dance presentation to the tune of Pitbull's I know you want me. Please click here to see the video.

Next stop ==>> Sta. Ines Elementary School.

We have the same groupings here so still, I'm assigned in grade 5. And I will never let this pass again without doing my task. The class was around 30, so i guess I have a chance. Harhar :) So the process was rearranged and i have served 7kids. The last kid named Kevin was not so happy with his shoes. The shoe size was 37.5 but what he needs is 36. We all talked to him that he will eventually grow up and he can wear socks just to make the shoes fit. But I guess, I, we, us have not enough convincing powers, Kevin said he will not take it! He opted to wait for the right shoes than to have that big one. Well, hats off boy! He knows what he wants. I saw the disappointment in his face so we find a replacement for his shoes with the other groups. Good thing, there was one unclaimed spare with the size he needs. Well, Sta. Ines was a success after all.

They also made a presentation after the event. they did the sabayang bigkas. The king of france with 40 thousand men. Marched up the hill and then marched down again! What?! I can't hear you!!! :) To view the video, please click here.

A very tiring but great day! We pitched our tent in Sta. Ines Elementary School grounds. Wasn't able to make socials. Just a cup of Empi lite + coke + the tuna with sky flakes, I am solved! Leila and I called it a day at 2000H for our preparation with the next day's activity.

16Oct2011 Day 2

So you know the drill, 0530H early morning breakfast and break camp. After securing our things and not forgetting our packed lunch and individual groceries (3kilos rice+canned goods+noodles), we began our journey to Sitio Kinabuan at 0930H.

Walking in endless paths was not a big deal for me. Especially when the trail is just straight with some minimal assaults. I am not a hardcore mountaineer like any others so I was happy with the trail. :) The challenge was to cross 10rivers making sure that the groceries in my arms will be safe! After 3 hours of trekking and river crossing, we finally reached Sitio Kinabuan.

The school of Kinabuan was not even a school! it was just a small hut. And the students were around 30 in all levels. Again, due to many volunteers, I was not able to do my task of fitting the shoes. Even with the grocery+clothes+toy distribution to the moms. I don't like that feeling of doing nothing in the event like that, but what can i do? As kuya ojie said, "wag na makigulo.."... 

Staying at the back of the hut we met Tom's rep Sir Vincent. Then kuya ojie told me that we should plan an outreach program like this in our favorite Bakun. I'm so excited to see the family in Mt. Lubo and give them their family picture taken years ago. 

Back to Kinabuan, some moms are very demanding. One told the group that next time, we should give them medicines and a sling bag for their "nganga", like the ones mountaineers used to secure their money or cameras or cellphones. They wanted one just like that for their "nganga". I wonder, maybe this sitio got used to numerous outreach programs that this kind of gift giving are not new to them. Yeah, getting to that small community really needs much effort. But why demand? Duh?! I'm confused now. Was it like, they have their relief, as usual?! :(

Hay, the outreach program was over. Time to segway at Kinabuan Falls. Going back to Sta. Ines again was a great challenge.

More pictures to be posted soon. Since i didn't bring a cam, cp always come in handy. Unless otherwise watermarked, picture credits to kuya jun, kuya ojie and other participants (to be consolidated).

Kuya Jun's Photos

Realization::: like the famous glee/rolling stones song goes, "You can't always get what you want. But if you try sometimes you might find....You get what you need"

I feel blessed and fortunate to have graduated even it was a struggle for my parents to send me and my siblings to public, private and state univ. We are not a very well-off family, but the things, care, love and appreciation we needed have been provided.

Whether barefooted or not, crossing/swimming 10+rivers, walking endless muddy pathways, every individual has the 
right to be educated.Salute to the kids who does this struggle everyday of their lives. To the teachers who opted to teach the kids in those areas than to teach foreigners. Knowledge/education is the one thing we cannot lose when everything/one else/s does. Cheers! :)

ps: to family and friends who was worried about me not replying with their texts, i'm sorry for there's no smart or globe signal :) rest assured your prayers kept me safe... thank you. 

majin buu's abode

The marshmallow couple (robbie and anna) have been inviting the apatnasikat to their crib for a taste of majin buu's special barbecue. But since it's super far from Taguig, we never had a chance go there, or maybe just too lazy... hehe :) 
glenn, anna, vanj

The date was finalized when they met at venven's chistening last 15Oct. But since i wasn't there (i was in tanay for the outreach), I have no choice. haha!

So last 22Oct, me, vanj and glenn went to qc to visit the marshmallow couple. Too bad anj can't join cos venven was sick. Get well soon baby! :0)

Below are the pictures of what we ate. Everything was so yummy! Aww I forgot to ask majinbuu about his secret marinade for the bbq. hmf!

tostitos and divi's home made salsa (solb!)

robbie's barbecuesausage
i made this so yummy spanish sardines pasta! (so good even without cheese!) naks! haha

hello fishy fishy! so damn big tilapia!
what's for dinner?!

After dinner, we just watched struck short film, camera cafe and some funny videos in youtube. Then we tried dancing with the wii. Alright, Glenn was so good. He always beat my score. Performance level ang lolo namin! 

glentot and vanjee jump!

glentot's plate after dinner... (kanya lang yan promise!)

may sayad moment!

So elated with that bonding moment we almost forgot the time! It was 12mn and I have work on sunday! Geez, time to say goodbye. Til next time! Cheers friendships! :)