Sunday, January 27, 2013

can’t believe that I’m the fool again…if I let you go…

I can’t believe that until now, I am still a massive fan of the greatest boyband I ever knew. They may be too bland to any other boyband fanatics out there, but for me, this 3/5 blond guys are irreplaceable. Making hot chart topper hits across the globe. Beating music legends like ‘The Beatles’ for the Guinness Records. They’re totally phenomenal.

I was in 4th year high school when I first heard their song. At first, my mates and I thought that they were just copycats of our favorite band BOYZONE. Ok, boyzone were splitting up that time. Ronan was going solo. Steo admitted he's a fag and also went solo. So Louis Walsh made a fallback band. And there, WESTLIFE was born.

‘I never wanna say goodbye. Cos I never wanna see cry. I swore to my love will remain. And I swear it all over again’. The MTV was too vague. I mean, five guys in black singing at the stage. And that’s it? It was like, ‘another boyband?! duh?’. But when boyzone finally went out of the scene and I heard their first ever released EP, I said to myself, ‘not bad at all’. In fact, they’re good. I mean, very good.
Even my parents were very supportive of this westlife madness. They know their every song. They call me when they saw westlife on TV. When tatay was in China, he even bought me their Dublin Concert CD. They even let me post westlife posters in our room. They didn’t bother with my bizarre fondness at all!

As a fan, I really went gaga over these guys. I spent a lot of my savings from my baon just to buy 2 copies of their every album (one to be played over and over again, and one as a keepsake). I watched their concerts here inManila. I made friends with other westlifers (as we call ourselves =P). I had pen mates all over the world. (I still have the CD-MAG magazine my friend from UK sent me for my birthday. It had NICKY on the cover and she knew that he’s my fave and I must have that mag. It was never sold here in Asia eh) I joined a westlife fans club-manila. I still have their WESTLIFE STORY book which was fromUK. (I was proud then that I have it because not all the Filipino fans can have it And only limited copies were sold here). I bought international magazines like TOTP and Smash Hits because they feature Westlife.  It has pin-ups in it aside from the ultimate chismis. I still even have those glossy pin-ups in a clear book reallysafe. I have a westlife tee. And to top of it all, I even have locals mags, songhits which features westlife.

There was this local songhits then named SOLID GOLD. (I don’t know if it still exists in the market) which has a column called CHAT ATTACK. Boyband fans has a word war against other fans. BSB vs Boyzone. BSB vs WESTLIFE. HANSONS vs MOFFATTS. BRITNEY vs CHRISTINA. NSYNC vs BSB (isn’t it obvious that BSB fans then were stabbers? ). Hehehehe. I have nothing against other bybands. I do listen to their songs. But if they're fans would condemn westlife, ah, it means WAR!! It’s so humiliating to say, but I even tried to write in that cheap crap! Hehehe. Well, that was during college. I read there that one BSB fan called westlife a fag. That Brian looks like a dog.(what da??!! was she sure thats brian she's pertaining to??) And any disgusting words that a lousy freak girl could ever say just to obliterate westlife. So there was I, furious. My blood raised to the highest level it could ever manage! (exaggerated! ) The fact that I really don’t have to deal with such loathsome, I tried to write an email to the editor. And to my surprise, in the
next issue, my attack was published. It never gave me any relief though. But at least, through that writing, I hoisted somebody else's eyebrows! Bwahahaha 

There nothing constant in this world, but change. Brian quit westlife and went solo. The remaining four lads Shane, Kian, Nicky and Mark are still making it through. Not as popular to teen boppers as before
 though. Making hits to serenade and rekindle our  hearts.

Funny now, or so it seems, listening to their songs now still makes me feel young at heart and nonetheless, go crazy. Though I am not that active as before, I still support them. I still love those Irish Lads. Gazing at their angelic faces, blue and hazel sincere eyes, ah, heaven on earth! 

Looking back, I can still smile and proud to say, Hey, I’m a westlife fan. And forever will be. Whatever!

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