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sagada the shangri-la!

12-14 of April year 2010 marked my second visit in Sagada, one of my favorite places here in the Philippines. Me and my new found friends took the MNL-Banaue route to take sight of the famous Banaue Rice Terraces in Ifugao. Indeed, the spectacular “hagdang-hagdang palayan” is a wonderful panorama.
banaue, rice terraces

After the 10-hours rollercoaster ride, we finally reached our destination, Sagada!

First day, 1300H when the adventure started. Even it was my second time to do the Lumiang-Sumaguing Cave Connection; I still felt the excitement of the spelunking thrill. I am very proud with my first-timer friends who showed enthusiasm despite of the pain and muscle ache they’ve been feeling all throughout the spelunking. Of course, with the help of our super saggas guides, Lester, kuya Janu, kuya Kevin and kuya Rod, we all finished the obstacle safely. 

rice granary

rock curtain

kuya kevin, in action

kuya rod, in action

Second day, Kiltepan Peak sunrise was not very astonishing for me. It’s my second time, and yet, sea of clouds didn’t appear. Lester teased me that I have to come back for the third time to see the sea of clouds. Ano yan, parang Pulag lang ha! Kelangan tatlong balik! 

kiltepan peak, sunrise 

Then there’s the Bomod-Ok Big Falls. I was stunned when I saw the ‘big’ falls. Although Lester already gave me an advance warning that the falls is already ‘false’, I was still shocked and felt bad. Is this really El Niño? Water from the falls is the now being used for the irrigation in the Aguid Rice terraces, that’s the reason why the falls is not a falls anymore, but droplets of water. Even so, we did enjoy the cold water of the falls basin.
 bomod-ok big falls (then)
bomod-ok big 'false' (now)
As we headed back to the Traveler’s Inn, rain poured heavily. Okay, so we are a blessing. Hurray! We almost missed the Lake Danum Bonfire, thanks Bro for stopping the rain for a while. But when we reached Lake Danum, rain poured down again! Argh, may kinakasal na tikbalang! But that didn’t stop us. Lester and kuya Kevin made a bonfire which Aya enjoyed the most --- playing with the fire. 
lake danum


st. mary's anglican church
(kuya alex, lyn, aya, L.A, ate anette, lei, jepoy)

The last day was the saddest part of this trip. We left Sagada with a heavy heart. I promised myself to come back really soon and climb Mt.Ampacao. Maybe there, I could see sea of clouds that Kiltepan Peak never showed me.  Sabi ni Lester, I should try in September. But I’m decided, I’ll come back on January, that will be my birthday climb. I hope there’s some people who would want to join me. We’ll cook spaghetti and party in the summit. Can’t wait! 

Note: I hope that Kuya whom I met from Bontoc-Baguio ride will give some time to contemplate on what we have discussed. ;-P I hope to meet you somewhere and admit, tell me that I am right. 

thanks to my friends and sponsors who made this trip a memorable one. (saggas/mountainhardwear/lafuma/adidas/joy/ateannette/atela/atelyn/lei/kuyaalex/jepoy)

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