Friday, December 30, 2011

The Corrs - Love to Love You

I would love to love you like you do me,
I'd love to love you like you do me,
There's a pillar in my way you see,
I'd love to love you like you do me,

I, met you on a sunny Autumn day,
You instantly attracted me, when asking for the way,
God if I had known the pain I'd make you feel,
I would have stopped this thought of us, and turned upon my heel,

Though you should leave me,
Time make it be alright,
Though you must leave me,
Time will help you see the light,
You don't need me,
Time make it be alright,
Though you must leave me,
Believe me when I tell you,

I would love to love you like you do me,
I'd love to love you like you do me,
There's a pillar in my way you see,
I'd love to love you like you do me,

You recognised my barrier to love,
I know there's nothing worse than unrequited love, unrequited love,
So I prayed to God that I could give the love you gave to me,
But something's lying in my way, preventing it to be,

Though you should leave me,
Time make it be alright,
Though you must leave me,
Believe me when I tell you,

I would love to love you like you do me,
I'd love to love you like you do me,
There's a pillar in my way you see,
I'd love to love you like you do me,
I would love to love you like you do me,
I'd love to love you like you do me,
There's a pillar in my way you see,
I'd love to love you like you do me,

Break those pillars down,
Break those pillars down,
Take those pillars down, down, down,
Oh, take those pillars down,
Love to love you like you do me,
Break those pillars down,
Love to love you like you do me,
Oh take those pillars down,
Love to love you,
Love to love you,
Love to love you,
Love to love you,
Take those pillars down,
Love to love you,

Friday, December 2, 2011

밤에 소주가 마셨습니다 (soju night) 건배!!

"Sometimes, friends are separated by priorities, by distance, by differences & by pride. But no matter how far and different we are, we'll always be the friends who known each other from the start..."

We are JILA! Joy-Ivy-Lanie-A(Alcoba, Arejola, Aguinaldo), members of the "street girls", row one girls of ESVES VI-2 batch '95! Haha! So that was sooo a decade ago huh? Yeah, it's been so long since the three of us had bonding. Haven't seen each other since our elementary graduation. I studied in Pasay, Joy moved in Cavite, while Lanie stayed in Signal.

Four years in highschool plus four years in College plus unaccounted years, we don't have any communication! Imagine that!

Thanks to friendster, Joy found me sometime in January 2006. We were like, OMG! We missed each other during our teenage years and there we were already grownups having our own careers. And Joy already have a daughter who exactly look like her when we were in kindergarten! Tsktsk

So to cut the long story short, we're now making up for the lost time we haven't seen or bond during our adolescence! Haha!

Tonight is Lanie's night. I won't divulge why, my lips are sealed. All I can say is, geonbae! Soju pa, Soju! But after one bottle, Lanie and Joy slept! left me watching Praybeyt Benjamin alone at 2am! Whattda?!

In the morning, alibi was, "wala na mang tama ung soju! nakakantok lang!".. weh?! yeah right! haha! They said, Soju tasted like a light gin (i dont know the taste of gin cos i don't drink it!). We had Soju with RTO since we can't drink it alone hehe.

So to the two of you, needs more practice! How can we drink soju "sa gilid gilid"? eotteohke?! Haha! Let's prepare for that para ef na ef! :)

Lanie, we'll be here for you. Be strong girl! geonbae! :0)

now playing (dedicated to Lanie haha): 2AM 죽어도 못보내 ♪♫Jugeodo mot punae naega eotteohke neol ponae..Garyeo geodeun tteonaryeo geodeun nae gaseum gochyeo nae..Apeuji anhke na saragal surado itge..Andwindamyeon eochapi ussal geo...Jugeodo mot punae...♪♫

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lighters - Bad Meets Evil ft. Bruno Mars

[Bruno Mars]
This one's for you and me, living out our dreams
We're all right where we should be
Lift my arms out wide I open my eyes
And now all I wanna see
Is a sky full of lighters
A sky full of lighters

By the time you hear this I will have already spiralled up
I would never do nothing to let you cowards fuck my world up
If I was you, I would duck, or get struck like lightening,
Fighters keep fighting, put your lighters up, point 'em skyward uh
Had a dream I was king, I woke up, still king...
This rap game's nipple is mine for the milking,
Till nobody else even fucking feels me, till' it kills me
I swear to god I'll be the fucking illest in this music
There is or there ever will be, disagree?
Feel free, but from now on I'm refusing to ever give up
The only thing I ever gave up is using. No more excuses.
Excuse me if my head is too big for this building
And pardon me if I'm a cocky prick but you cocks are slick
Poppin' shit on how you flipped ya life around, crock-of-shit
Who you dicks try to kid, flipped dick, you did the opposite
You stayed the same, cause cock backwards is still cock you pricks
I love it when I tell 'em shove it
Cause it wasn't that long ago when Marshall sat, luster lacked, flustered
Cuz he couldn't cut mustard, muster up nothing
Brain fuzzy, cause he's buzzin', woke up from that buzz
Now you wonder why he does it, how he does it
Wasn't cause he had buzzards circle around his head
Waiting for him to drop dead, was it?
Or was it, cause them bitches wrote him off
Little hussy ass fusses, 'cause fuck it, guess it doesn't matter now, does it
What difference it make?
What it take to get it through your thick skulls
As if this ain't some bullshit
People don't usually come back this way
From a place that was dark as I was in
Just to get to this place
Now let these words be like a switch blade to a haters rib cage
And let it be known from this day forward
I wanna just say thanks cause your hate is what gave me the strength
So let 'em bic's raise 'cause I came with 5'9′ but I feel like I'm 6'8″

[Bruno Mars]
This one's for you and me, living out our dreams
We're all right where we should be
Lift my arms out wide I open my eyes
And now all I wanna see
Is a sky full of lighters
A sky full of lighters

[Royce Da 5'9"]
By the time you hear this I'll probably already be outtie
I advance like going from toting iron to going and buying 4 or 5 of the homies the iron man Audi
My daddy told me slow down, boy, you goin' to blow it
And I ain't gotta stop the beat a minute
To tell Shady I love him the same way that he did Dr Dre on the Chronic
Tell him how real he is or how high I am
Or how I would kill for him for him to know it
I cried plenty tears, my daddy got a bad back
So it's only right that I right till he can march right into that post office and tell 'em to hang it up
Now his career's Lebron's jersey in 20 years
I'll stop when I'm at the very top
You shitted on me on your way up
It's 'bout to be a scary drop
Cause what goes up must come down
You going down on something you don't wanna see like a hairy box
Every hour, happy hour now
Life is wacky now
Used to have to eat the cat to get the pussy
Now I'm just the cats meoww, ow
Classic now, always down for the catch weight like Pacquiao
Ya'll are doomed
I remember when T-Pain ain't wanna work with me
My car starts itself, parks itself and autotunes
Cause now I'm in the Aston
I went from having my city locked up
To getting treated like Kwame Kilpatrick
And now I'm fantastic
Compared to a weed high
And y'all niggas just gossipin' like bitches on a radio and TV
See me, we fly
Y'all buggin' out like Wendy Williams staring at a bee-hive
And how real is that
I remember signing my first deal and now I'm the second best I can deal with that
Now Bruno can show his ass, without the MTV awards gag

[Bruno Mars]
You and I know what it's like to be kicked down
Forced to fight
But tonight we're alright
So hold up your light
Let it shine
'Cause this one's for you and me, living out our dreams
We're all right where we should be
Lift my arms out wide I open my eyes
And now all I wanna see
Is a sky full of lighters
A sky full of lighters

11.11.11 happy 빼빼로 day!

Happy classmates in celebrating Korea's Pepero Day at KCC! Best way to end the stressful week with korean numbers! :) Thanks Joren-sshi and Erika-sshi for bringing Pepero! yummm!

More Photos here :)
kamsahamnida hanguk chingudeul for the pix!

According to WIKI: Pepero Day is an observance in South Korea similar to Valentine's Day. It is named after the Korean snack Pepero and held on November 11, since the date "11/11" resembles four sticks of Pepero.The holiday is observed mostly by young people and couples, who exchange Pepero sticks, other candies, and romantic gifts. Lotte denies starting the holiday and instead states that they noticed a bump in Pepero sales around November 11th and after continued popularity they decided to then encourage the holiday with special gift boxes and other promotions.[2] Some consider it to be a contrived holiday and some teachers have encouraged children to exchange healthy snacks to help combat obesity. An alternative "Garaetteok Day" (sticks of white tteok) has been proposed.

According to one story, Pepero Day was started in 1994 by students at a girls' middle school in Busan, where they exchanged Pepero sticks as gifts to wish one another to grow "as tall and slender as a Pepero".

Thursday, November 10, 2011

saengil chukha hamnida!!!

It's the 5th of November, which means, HAPPY BIRTHDAY VANJEE! Best way to celebrate my good friends' natal day ==> to dine out and have fun! Thank goodness you're back in Manila after a month in Nanjing! Atleast we can celebrate your birthday before you leave for Germany! woot woot! (With apat na sikat, majinbuu, jastin, melanieshi and rhian)

Since the apat na sikat is very much fascinated with the korean telenovelas and culture, we planned to have lunch in KBOP. Anna bought a voucher for a group meal which is half the price so we all thought that this korean resto will satisfy our cravings. But oh well, all I can say is that the food was so yummy but kinda bitin. I guess this is how Koreans eat, diet mode?! No more comment. :)

Here's the foodies we ordered at KBOP McKinley Piazza.

After lunch, we headed to Boni High and Serendra to just chill out. We checked on Toy's R Us to see the Nintendo Wii price. Majinbuu was so like the guardian devil telling me to buy the wii at that very moment. Well, patience is really a virtue. I still can wait for my wii from US until december! haha :)

Then all wants to do the videoke which we haven't done for quite a long time. I super miss our providence days! wahhh! At MarketMarket! we we're 2nd on the waiting list in timezone videoke room. So while waiting in vain, we ate the cupcakes from Sonia's in Serendra. Yummy and colorful cupcakes! Frustrated again to bake this kinda of cupcake consistency! Wah! Will try baking again after my kcc class. Hope I can manage to have that kind of fluffy cupcake! :o)

We sang our heart out at the videoke in timezone! haha it's really been a long time since I last sang the videoke! Well, our good friend glenn wasn't able to join but he was replaced by jastin! If glenn's voice is ala martin nievera, jastin's is somewhat like janno gibbs! No kidding! I think they need to meet and have a videoke challenge! I hope glenn will sing his pamatay na song Better Days... ♫♪you can't get to know better days unless you make it though the night.. ah..ah..ah..♫♪ Super High notes! I hate that song cos I can't sing it! hahaha! :)

my song for tonight: ► the show by lenka ♫♪I'm just a little bit caught in the middle Life is a maze and love is a riddle I don't know where to go, can't do it alone I've tried and I don't know why
I'm just a little girl lost in the moment I'm so scared but I don't show it I can't figure it out, it's bringing me down I know I've got to let it go and just enjoy the show..♫♪

Winter child OST Dream High :: Happy Birthday Vanj! sorry I wasn't able to sing this! wala sa songlist eh! :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

majin buu's abode

The marshmallow couple (robbie and anna) have been inviting the apatnasikat to their crib for a taste of majin buu's special barbecue. But since it's super far from Taguig, we never had a chance go there, or maybe just too lazy... hehe :)

glenn, anna, vanj

The date was finalized when they met at venven's chistening last 15Oct. But since i wasn't there (i was in tanay for the outreach), I have no choice. haha!

So last 22Oct, me, vanj and glenn went to qc to visit the marshmallow couple. Too bad anj can't join cos venven was sick. Get well soon baby! :0)

Below are the pictures of what we ate. Everything was so yummy! Aww I forgot to ask majinbuu about his secret marinade for the bbq. hmf!

tostitos and divi's home made salsa (solb!)

robbie's barbecuesausage

i made this so yummy spanish sardines pasta! (so good even without cheese!) naks! haha

hello fishy fishy! so damn big tilapia!

what's for dinner?!

After dinner, we just watched struck short film, camera cafe and some funny videos in youtube. Then we tried dancing with the wii. Alright, Glenn was so good. He always beat my score. Performance level ang lolo namin!

glentot and vanjee jump!

glentot's plate after dinner... (kanya lang yan promise!)

may sayad moment!

So elated with that bonding moment we almost forgot the time! It was 12mn and I have work on sunday! Geez, time to say goodbye. Til next time! Cheers friendships! :)

videos of wii: vanj+glenn / yvi+glenn
youtube funny videos: butiki love story / struck

Friday, October 21, 2011

some good things never last

The Irish foursome – one of the most successful boy bands of all time - announced tonight their forthcoming tour and greatest hits album will be their last." source: thesuncouk

Last night while checking my twitter, I saw some westlife fan accounts tweeting about westlife break-up in 2012 after their greatest hits tour. I just thought like, it's just a hiatus or something. No, it can't be true. There's so many tweets, my pulse was racing that I kept scrolling all the past tweets from my phone to see a reliable one from any of the lads @ @ @ @ or from their lovely wives and partner @ @ @ @ or even from nicky's lil bro adzer @ .. but i saw nothing.

Not until I came across @ and directed me to their official statement in facebook. OMG! so it's all true then. Dunno what to say, how to describe this shock. Feels like in a deathrow waiting for my turn on the lethal injection. And oh, mr. wiki has updated the westlife info and here's Louis Walsh' interview. *sigh*

This just ain't right! Still on a high whenever I watch their videos especially from their last Manila concert (29Sept2011) at the Araneta Coliseum. Below are the pictures and video links for their Pop Songs Medley (Viva la vida, Only girl in the world, Time of my life (dirty bit), Bad Romance)  Flying without wings and Uptown Girl which i took from the concert.

Nicholas Bernard James Adam Byrne

Kian John Francis Egan

Shane Steven Filan

Markus Michael Patrick Feehily

kian + mark + shane + nicky = WESTLIFE!

"The most fantastic, magical things can happen, and it all starts with a wish.." - Pinocchio

To all the lifers all over the world, let's just wish the lads best of luck. Cheers to 14years of great music and madness!

le gra,

now playing: ♫♪ what about now? what about today? what if ur making me all that i was meant to be? what if our love, never went away? what if it's lost behind, things we could never find? baby before it's too late.. what about now...♪♫ westlife - what about now

Note: Photo credits to their respective owners, unless watermarked.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

song for tonight

Tumatakbo - mojofly

laging bigo
laging sawi sa pag-ibig
minamalas, oh kay sakit

may balat nga ba ako sa pwet?

mabuti pa ang tindera sa aming kanto
nakakainggit tl..ang sweet nila
ng kanyang nobyo

gusto ko lang maranasang umibig

tamaan ni kupido
gusto ko lang maranasan ang langit
tumibok muli ang puso ko


Tumatakbo ang oras naiiwan na ako
ng panahon
Di na nagbago bawat araw pare-pareho parang kahapon
tumakabo ang oras

May birthday cake ka nga
ngunit wala namang kandila

may christmas tree na malupet wala
naman dekorasyong pansabit

sadyang ganyan ang aking buhay

walang kasing tamlay

ayoko sanang tumandang nag-iisa

tatanggapin na lang ba ang malupit na tadhana
o kaya'y tatanggapin na lang na ako'y sadyang hindi pinagpala
tigilan na ang drama
punasan na ang luha


Monday, October 17, 2011

out of reach outreach

After so many invitations from kuya ojie, I gave this one a chance to experience the shoe giving outreach program by LTP Malaya Mountaineering Club in cooperation with the NGO, WE Phils and TOMs Shoes. The beneficiary were three elementary schools in Tanay Rizal namely: Tinucan, Sta. Ines, and the ever challenging Sitio Kinabuan.

15Oct2010 Day 1

First day was a very unfortunate start. We left Villamor Airbase an hour back the planned departure for reasons whatever they were. At 0730H, LTP shuttle bus loaded by around 80 volunteers, we headed to our destination.

Maybe due to overloading, the bus stopped 3 times due to leak. I'm not very familiar with the cause but what they said was that the piston broke down and needs to be repaired. Luckily, our driver knows something about repairing autos so he did the repair himself. But the road in Rizal was a steep assault, that means the bus cannot carry us anymore. The Malayan members decided to fetch the jeepney which will be the one to take us to where we should go. Then the jeepney came after an hour or more, our first stop was Tinucan Elementary School.

The road to Tinucan was a very rough and wild journey. Thank heavens it was not raining or else, I reckon we're gonna be stucked or walk the muddy road and cross the more or less 7 rivers. Well, jeepneys there are well equipped just like the jeep of kuya roger (rip+) of Mt. Pulag. See the wheel spikes they used? Impressive huh? This jeep and the driver's skills kept us safe through our journey from and to the jump off. If a picture could paint a thousand words, then I hope the government will do more road improvement projects.

We arrived at Tinucan Elem School around 1130H. The children we're patiently waiting for us. Sorry kids for the delay. Kuya Ogie, Kuya Jun, Leila and me were assigned in grade 5. But due to many volunteers and only 15 kids are in grade 5, dismay as I am, I was not able to do my duty there to fit them their shoes. Sadly, not all kids got their shoes due to size discrepancies. Most shoes are way too big for them. WE Phils promised those kids that they will receive their perfect fit shoes in a week. So I guess, size really does matters! :)

After the event, the students gave us a dance presentation to the tune of Pitbull's I know you want me. Please click here to see the video.

Next stop ==>> Sta. Ines Elementary School.

We have the same groupings here so still, I'm assigned in grade 5. And I will never let this pass again without doing my task. The class was around 30, so i guess I have a chance. Harhar :) So the process was rearranged and i have served 7kids. The last kid named Kevin was not so happy with his shoes. The shoe size was 37.5 but what he needs is 36. We all talked to him that he will eventually grow up and he can wear socks just to make the shoes fit. But I guess, I, we, us have not enough convincing powers, Kevin said he will not take it! He opted to wait for the right shoes than to have that big one. Well, hats off boy! He knows what he wants. I saw the disappointment in his face so we find a replacement for his shoes with the other groups. Good thing, there was one unclaimed spare with the size he needs. Well, Sta. Ines was a success after all.

They also made a presentation after the event. they did the sabayang bigkas. The king of france with 40 thousand men. Marched up the hill and then marched down again! What?! I can't hear you!!! :) To view the video, please click here.

A very tiring but great day! We pitched our tent in Sta. Ines Elementary School grounds. Wasn't able to make socials. Just a cup of Empi lite + coke + the tuna with sky flakes, I am solved! Leila and I called it a day at 2000H for our preparation with the next day's activity.

16Oct2011 Day 2

So you know the drill, 0530H early morning breakfast and break camp. After securing our things and not forgetting our packed lunch and individual groceries (3kilos rice+canned goods+noodles), we began our journey to Sitio Kinabuan at 0930H.

Walking in endless paths was not a big deal for me. Especially when the trail is just straight with some minimal assaults. I am not a hardcore mountaineer like any others so I was happy with the trail. :) The challenge was to cross 10rivers making sure that the groceries in my arms will be safe! After 3 hours of trekking and river crossing, we finally reached Sitio Kinabuan.

The school of Kinabuan was not even a school! it was just a small hut. And the students were around 30 in all levels. Again, due to many volunteers, I was not able to do my task of fitting the shoes. Even with the grocery+clothes+toy distribution to the moms. I don't like that feeling of doing nothing in the event like that, but what can i do? As kuya ojie said, "wag na makigulo.."...

Staying at the back of the hut we met Tom's rep Sir Vincent. Then kuya ojie told me that we should plan an outreach program like this in our favorite Bakun. I'm so excited to see the family in Mt. Lubo and give them their family picture taken years ago.

Back to Kinabuan, some moms are very demanding. One told the group that next time, we should give them medicines and a sling bag for their "nganga", like the ones mountaineers used to secure their money or cameras or cellphones. They wanted one just like that for their "nganga". I wonder, maybe this sitio got used to numerous outreach programs that this kind of gift giving are not new to them. Yeah, getting to that small community really needs much effort. But why demand? Duh?! I'm confused now. Was it like, they have their relief, as usual?! :(

Hay, the outreach program was over. Time to segway at Kinabuan Falls. Going back to Sta. Ines again was a great challenge.

More pictures to be posted soon. Since i didn't bring a cam, cp always come in handy. Unless otherwise watermarked, picture credits to kuya jun, kuya ojie and other participants (to be consolidated).

Kuya Jun's Photos

Realization::: like the famous glee/rolling stones song goes, "You can't always get what you want. But if you try sometimes you might find....You get what you need"

I feel blessed and fortunate to have graduated even it was a struggle for my parents to send me and my siblings to public, private and state univ. We are not a very well-off family, but the things, care, love and appreciation we needed have been provided.

Whether barefooted or not, crossing/swimming 10+rivers, walking endless muddy pathways, every individual has the
right to be educated. Salute to the kids who does this struggle everyday of their lives. To the teachers who opted to teach the kids in those areas than to teach foreigners. Knowledge/education is the one thing we cannot lose when everything/one else/s does. Cheers! :)

ps: to family and friends who was worried about me not replying with their texts, i'm sorry for there's no smart or globe signal :) rest assured your prayers kept me safe... thank you.