Friday, October 21, 2011

some good things never last

The Irish foursome – one of the most successful boy bands of all time - announced tonight their forthcoming tour and greatest hits album will be their last." source: thesuncouk

Last night while checking my twitter, I saw some westlife fan accounts tweeting about westlife break-up in 2012 after their greatest hits tour. I just thought like, it's just a hiatus or something. No, it can't be true. There's so many tweets, my pulse was racing that I kept scrolling all the past tweets from my phone to see a reliable one from any of the lads @ @ @ @ or from their lovely wives and partner @ @ @ @ or even from nicky's lil bro adzer @ .. but i saw nothing.

Not until I came across @ and directed me to their official statement in facebook. OMG! so it's all true then. Dunno what to say, how to describe this shock. Feels like in a deathrow waiting for my turn on the lethal injection. And oh, mr. wiki has updated the westlife info and here's Louis Walsh' interview. *sigh*

This just ain't right! Still on a high whenever I watch their videos especially from their last Manila concert (29Sept2011) at the Araneta Coliseum. Below are the pictures and video links for their Pop Songs Medley (Viva la vida, Only girl in the world, Time of my life (dirty bit), Bad Romance)  Flying without wings and Uptown Girl which i took from the concert.

Nicholas Bernard James Adam Byrne

Kian John Francis Egan

Shane Steven Filan

Markus Michael Patrick Feehily

kian + mark + shane + nicky = WESTLIFE!

"The most fantastic, magical things can happen, and it all starts with a wish.." - Pinocchio

To all the lifers all over the world, let's just wish the lads best of luck. Cheers to 14years of great music and madness!

le gra,

now playing: ♫♪ what about now? what about today? what if ur making me all that i was meant to be? what if our love, never went away? what if it's lost behind, things we could never find? baby before it's too late.. what about now...♪♫ westlife - what about now

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