Friday, December 2, 2011

밤에 소주가 마셨습니다 (soju night) 건배!!

"Sometimes, friends are separated by priorities, by distance, by differences & by pride. But no matter how far and different we are, we'll always be the friends who known each other from the start..."

We are JILA! Joy-Ivy-Lanie-A(Alcoba, Arejola, Aguinaldo), members of the "street girls", row one girls of ESVES VI-2 batch '95! Haha! So that was sooo a decade ago huh? Yeah, it's been so long since the three of us had bonding. Haven't seen each other since our elementary graduation. I studied in Pasay, Joy moved in Cavite, while Lanie stayed in Signal.

Four years in highschool plus four years in College plus unaccounted years, we don't have any communication! Imagine that!

Thanks to friendster, Joy found me sometime in January 2006. We were like, OMG! We missed each other during our teenage years and there we were already grownups having our own careers. And Joy already have a daughter who exactly look like her when we were in kindergarten! Tsktsk

So to cut the long story short, we're now making up for the lost time we haven't seen or bond during our adolescence! Haha!

Tonight is Lanie's night. I won't divulge why, my lips are sealed. All I can say is, geonbae! Soju pa, Soju! But after one bottle, Lanie and Joy slept! left me watching Praybeyt Benjamin alone at 2am! Whattda?!

In the morning, alibi was, "wala na mang tama ung soju! nakakantok lang!".. weh?! yeah right! haha! They said, Soju tasted like a light gin (i dont know the taste of gin cos i don't drink it!). We had Soju with RTO since we can't drink it alone hehe.

So to the two of you, needs more practice! How can we drink soju "sa gilid gilid"? eotteohke?! Haha! Let's prepare for that para ef na ef! :)

Lanie, we'll be here for you. Be strong girl! geonbae! :0)

now playing (dedicated to Lanie haha): 2AM 죽어도 못보내 ♪♫Jugeodo mot punae naega eotteohke neol ponae..Garyeo geodeun tteonaryeo geodeun nae gaseum gochyeo nae..Apeuji anhke na saragal surado itge..Andwindamyeon eochapi ussal geo...Jugeodo mot punae...♪♫

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