Sunday, January 27, 2013

things i wanted to do.....

or rather, mybucketlist ... :0)

Life is too short as everyone says. Usually when people die, we cannot help but look back the days that passed us by. Normally, we hear praises, regrets and sentiments. 

I am making a list of things I want to do before I die. This list will include the things I want to do, places I wanna go to….. Some of them may seem impossible… sound stupid (because its too easy but i cant do it)...or you may think I am a ridiculous dumb, but who cares anyway. Do you?

  1. visit each province in phils
  2. tour europe
  3. have a vacation at the Bahamas
  4. join a Carribean cruise
  5. explore the architectural ruins of GreeceRomeEgypt and Cambodia
  6. walk the length of the Great Wall of China
  7. get a tattoo
  8. hear a mass at St. Peter's Square
  9. bake a cake prefectly
  10. understand those who can't
  11. own a big poultry farm
  12. own a fish pond
  13. learn palm reading
  14.  do skiing
  15. learn to play the drums
  16. learn to strum guitar
  17. ride a hot air balloon
  18. be a belly dancer
  19. load and fire a gun
  20. skydive
  21. donate blood
  22. climb every mountain in Phils..
  23. bungee-jump
  24. stay in a haunted house (with ate jen, mj and 4-na-sikat...awhuu!!!)
  25. para-sail/para-glide
  26. learn wushu or karate
  27. be familiar with the vinzon-arejola clans
  28. build an orphanage
  29. learn how to play volleyball
  30. ride the merry-go-round again and rides at eurostar
  31. have a photo taken at the Niagara Falls
  32. own a house
  33. own a car
  34. visit all tourist destinations in the Philippines
  35. learn to swim
  36. scuba dive (done!)
  37. experience an African/Safari adventure
  38. learn to speak Gaelic, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Korean and Mandarin
  39. win in a casino
  40. visit and experience the 8 Wonders of the World..
  41. drive a motorcycle
  42. donate a large amount of money to charity
  43. experience a kiss in the rain
  44. work as a crew at any fast food chain
  45. say sorry to the people I hurt, messed up with
  46. interview a vampire
  47. Learn to dance the tango and salsa
  48. perform with a live band  (MYBP rock on!)
  49. dance with my favorite streetboys infront of 20K+ people 
  50. live with nicholas byrne for a week 
  51. have a cooking show at foodnetwork with the barefoot contessa, bobby flay or giada de laurentiis
  52. watch boyzone live
  53. watch party at the park and prince's trust in UK
  54. have a clown fish and name him nemo
  55. be a better person
  56. bonding with my siblings
  57. let go of the people who don't care
  58. become a farmer and discover my green thumb
  59. establish my own business
  60. own a charming beach resort
  61. have a family of my own
  62. live overseas (ireland or japan will do!)
  63. read more
  64. have a good body massage
  65. learn kick-boxing
  66. join a road trip with strangers
  67. drink with strangers
  68. a family getaway in a foreign country
  69. watch the glorious setting of the sun in a mountain peak (d0ne)
  70. read the dictionary
  71. watch hilarious oldie films
  72. explore the old castles in Ireland
  73. ride a helicopter
  74. learn to fly
  75. overcome fears
  76. be more compassionate and patient
  77. learn how to bike
  78. learn how to drive a car
  79. be a recognized photographer
  80. be familiar with psychological maladies
  81. give birth to my own child
  82. be good in kayaking
  83. learn how to fish the tribal way
  84. experience catching fish with fishermen
  85. be physically-fit
  86. teach how to read and write to depressed areas
  87. appreciate more
  88. heart to heart talk with a mentally challenged
  89. be a pilot and fly an A380
  90. be a contestant in a reality show
  91. experience the alps in New Zealand
  92. try the fun-run (done!)
  93. play chinese garter and 10-20 again
  94. read a persons mind
  95. be a sensational singer
  96. die first before anyone else I love dearly
  97. exchange vows underwater or at the mountain peak during sunset
  98. punch the F*#%ing faces of all people who didn’t treat me well as I remember
  99. be invisible 
  100. never experience pain 

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