Sunday, January 27, 2013

majin buu's abode

The marshmallow couple (robbie and anna) have been inviting the apatnasikat to their crib for a taste of majin buu's special barbecue. But since it's super far from Taguig, we never had a chance go there, or maybe just too lazy... hehe :) 
glenn, anna, vanj

The date was finalized when they met at venven's chistening last 15Oct. But since i wasn't there (i was in tanay for the outreach), I have no choice. haha!

So last 22Oct, me, vanj and glenn went to qc to visit the marshmallow couple. Too bad anj can't join cos venven was sick. Get well soon baby! :0)

Below are the pictures of what we ate. Everything was so yummy! Aww I forgot to ask majinbuu about his secret marinade for the bbq. hmf!

tostitos and divi's home made salsa (solb!)

robbie's barbecuesausage
i made this so yummy spanish sardines pasta! (so good even without cheese!) naks! haha

hello fishy fishy! so damn big tilapia!
what's for dinner?!

After dinner, we just watched struck short film, camera cafe and some funny videos in youtube. Then we tried dancing with the wii. Alright, Glenn was so good. He always beat my score. Performance level ang lolo namin! 

glentot and vanjee jump!

glentot's plate after dinner... (kanya lang yan promise!)

may sayad moment!

So elated with that bonding moment we almost forgot the time! It was 12mn and I have work on sunday! Geez, time to say goodbye. Til next time! Cheers friendships! :)

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