Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me and Tatay!

January is the month I've always looking forward to. Aside from being it is the first month of the year (ah yeah to start the year right), it is the feast month of our patron Sto. Niño, birth month of my Tatay, and most of all, my birth month too! :)

Just yesterday (29th), Tatay turned 56. And last 24th, I turned.... ah never mind. Bwhahahaha this is the start of denial. Hint! I'm still in the calendar :P

Well, this year was the first bleak birthday ever. Aside that I don't have the usual 'party' or mini get together, I just feel tedious and I don't know why. Since I have nothing to do on that very day, and nowhere else to go, I opted to go to the office. The usual office day (imagine that on your special day! @_@). My good friend Robert asked me if I was okay cos he thought I was sad. So after work, asked him to accompany me and pamper ourselves with a supposed to be relaxing Ventosa massage at Mt. Albo Spa in MarketMarket! But to my surprise, I didn't feel relieved at all. Instead, I felt that as if bunch of burglars punched my back as it was aching so badly with so much bruises! (It lasted for 3days). Lesson learned: will never try Ventosa again (not in the next 3 months I guess) hahaha!

We ended the day by eating dinner at Max's. Thanks to Robert for joining me or else, I will be singing "All by myself". Feeling just like Bridget Jones minus the brandy and river of tears. And to make this very special day more worse, 2 guests were surprised with a birthday cake while the Tagalog Happy Birthday Song uproared the whole restaurant. I just imagined they were singing for me too. OMG, realization, Naege Saeng Il Chukha! Repeated that to myself until I got home and noting that this is a good training once I go abroad. I will celebrate every occasion ALL BY MYSELF! What a dreadful thought!

 yummy blueberry cheesecake by Desserts from my kuya
 (better late than never!)

So much of the not so happy birthday, yesterday was Tatay's birthday. I tried to cook Lechon Roll the first time. And yeah, it was so good! Just too bad that the pork belly was so fatty, it was super dooper tasty. Happy with the outcome. :)

tatay's simple handa this year

And oh, I tried to bake oatmeal cookies too. I just saw the oatmeal jar and thought that before it even gets expired, I will turn it to cookies. First time to do it too and the verdict?! Hell yeah, so good and crunchy! Happy day! :)

toasted? nah... raisin cookies

Hopefully, this will be the first and last gloomy birthday for me. Looking forward to a brighter days this year! Aja Aja! Fighting! :)

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  1. Sorry, I forgot the actual day. I know I'm such a bad friend :-(
    Will make bawi next time. Pramis!

    1. wah! you always forget! mabuti pa si vanj overseas text ang peg :D hehe