Monday, February 4, 2013

Welcome to the Christian World - Kate Leigh!


The sacrament of baptism is very important to us Catholics. Baby Kate have been here, there and everywhere, Manila to Hongkong and back where his dad is working but hasn't baptized yet.

She is now eleven months and the much awaited baptismal of Kate Leigh has finally set! :) The third child of my good friend, former colleague and kumpare, Miong to his lovely wife Melai. The ceremony was held at St. Lorenzo Ruiz Chapel in Calinisan and lunch followed at Mai's Pavillion.

Welcome to the world of hypocrisy and full of judgement, Baby Kate! :) Bwahaha! Kidding aside, I wish you grow up to be a lovely and intelligent kid like your siblings. Be a good daughter to your parents, God-fearing, be a good person to everyone and live the true life of a Christian.

Lariosa's Catering
Happy Christening Kate Leigh!
Ma43 Friends
Kumapare and Kumare's
Beautiful flower arrangement 
Baby Kate and Daddy Miong
Baby Kate and Yaya Ayieh :D
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