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Naimbag nga aldaw! Pagudpud South Tour - Day 3

"And like the vibrant shade of the sky, I will shine!..." -  NixAngel247

After breakfast, we left Cathy's Resort at 0800H. With our bags all packed up, fully charged camera and cellphones, we are ready for the last leg of this trip. The Pagudpud South Tour.

Babush Pagudpud!

We started off to the famous Bangui Windmills. Remember why MJ accompanied me here? Yes, it's because of those 20 gigantic windmills. Standing tall along the stretch of Bangui Bay facing the South China Sea. They are also known as the NorthWind Bangui Windmill Farm Project. Excitement spurred our hearts when we saw the windmills from afar. And finally when we're there at the shoreline, it's like WOW! Lucky that somebody thought to have ventured on those energy producing enormous 'fans'. Wonder why the government does not have any project like that for the past administrations to present. Hmmm... Crocs and Lacoste comes to my mind again.. :( Lolong the largest Crocodile in captivity has died, so when will his brothers and sisters in the government follow him? I hope soon.

MJ and the giant fans
My sisters slippers

Amazed by oversized turbines, we kept on having photos from different angle until we decided to go to our next destination, Kapurpurawan Rock Formation and Cape Bojeador Lighthouse.

Since Kuya Rene's tricycle is prohibited to travel in Burgos, we need to transfer to another tricycle. There we met Manong Ferdinand. He drove us to Kapurpurawan Rock Formation first.

Kapupurawan Rock Formation
Kapurpurawan Rock which according to our former colleague Kuya Ryan, litearally means 'Kaputiputian' (Whitish). It took us almost 20 minutes or so from the main road. It's really far and bumpy. That's the thrill of journeying anyway, experience everything. :) Then we finally reached the jump off, Manong Ferdinand asked us if we want him to accompany us. We hesitated and asked him to take care of our bags instead. Again, trusting a total stranger is one of the risks of adventure. I am the person who trust easily. No one is a bad person for me. I don't know if it's a good trait or not. I just don't like having the bad feeling to a person. And I feel that Manong Ferdinand is a good person anyway so better trust him than think of anything worthless.

annyeong haseyo!
There is a trail going to the renowned white rock. Basically, it is just a rock formed by huge waves of the South China Sea. How it became white is what makes it magnificent. Unluckily, we cannot go there closely because it was hindered for the moment. It's okay I guess. Because some people take the rock as a graffiti wall. It's better that way, it can stay clean and it's stunning beauty can be preserved.

The sun was scorching hot that day so after a few minutes of photo ops, we decided to go to our next and final stop, Cape Bojeador Lighthouse.

Cape Bojeador Tower
I imagine that going to the lighthouse is like the one we did in Palaui Island. But no, totally different. Cape Bojeador is a tourist destination that they paved the road so the vehicles can go straight to the top,  From the parking, it's just a few stairs away. The caretaker said that the lighthouse was closed 2 years ago. So we weren't able to see the whole interiors. Comparing it to the lighthouses of Cape Engaño in Palaui and Faro de Punta of Capones Island, Cape Engaño for me is still the most astonishing. The 6 km walk to Cape Engaño Lighthouse was all worth it. But hey, having it constructed in Spanish Era, all of them are incredibly amazing. Built with our ancestors bare hands and all. Can't say anything more. :/

She again...
and again... :)
So this ends our Northern adventure. Manong Ferdinand was kind enough to assist and wait with us for the bus bound to Laoag City. It will be a long bus ride again before we go back to reality. :)

with Manong Ferdinand...
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