Monday, February 18, 2013

Idi! Pagudpud North Tour - Day 2 - Part 2

"One way to get the most out of life  is to look upon it as an adventure..." - William Feather
My hungry belly has nothing but lotsa water. I kept telling MJ on our way to Pagudpud that my head was aching badly because of hunger. Good and true friends knows what happens to me when I'm starving. And I'm trying not to transform into that horrifying side of me. No, not this time. So I just kept drinking water to lessen my hunger.

We arrived Pagudpud at 1345H. Kuya Rene, our contact tricycle driver fetched us at the bus terminal. We can't see any carinderia, eatery or sari-sari store so we just headed to Cathy's resort.

Since the day is still young, we asked Kuya Rene if we can go on the tour. He said we can finish the South Tour if we start at 1430H.

Before we go on trek to the Kabigan Falls, we ordered food from the carinderia at the jump off. It's a paluto so we just told the Manang to grill 1/2 kilo of tilapia and pakbet. The worms in my tummy were protesting to eat now. Hush my sweet dearies, you can eat after 1-2 hours of trekking depending on our pace. So Manang expects us to arrive from the Falls at 1600-1630H. Oh okay, we will start now, the clock is ticking and it's 1445H.

Bridge to Kabigan Falls
Kabigan Falls
Kabigan Falls, was just like any other falls I've seen. Cold water from the mountain top was thrilling. It was MJs first time to see a real falls. Really now? Yeah, no kidding. I hope she was amazed by the falls. Good thing the area was kept clean by the locals. So we headed back after 15 minutes or so. And yey, we can finally eat. Wormies were happy, I ate a lot. Didn't I say I love rice? Harhar! I was hungry yes and ate a lot but the food was just okay. There are carinderias I know which serves good food. This one, is just something to stuff your empty stomach. It's not bad at all, uhm just good. If I have a choice, I should have just eaten skyflakes. And the price, --over! 480Php for 2 pieces of small tilapias, a bowl of pakbet (which I think is good for 4pax), a platter of rice and a liter of Royal Tru Orange. So to anyone who wish to trudge on Kabigan falls, make sure you're not hungry. You can try the paluto but I advised you anyway.

The 'False' Goddess :P
After the very overloading meal, we continued our tour.

Patapat Viaduct - This bridge was one of the many projects of the former First Lady Imelda Marcos. Ranging along the length of Mountainous Cordillera and connects Ilocos Norte to the Cagayan Valley, it is the 4th longest bridge in the country.

Patapat Viaduct

la la la la la.....

Bridge Bodies...
Paraiso ni Anton - I thought Parasaiso ni Anton is a beach. Too much expectation leads to disappointment. It turned out to be a mini falls along the highway. Not overwhelming though.

Paraiso ni Anton
Aqua Grande - This is just a picnic area with entrance fee.

Agua Grande
Timantang Rock / Bantay Aboy Cave - Huge Rock formations facing each other. We weren't able to look at the Timantang Rock closely. But I did try to discover the Bantay Abot Cave. This 'cave' is not actually a cave. It's just an enormous rock with a hole on the other side. Ting! Suddenly, I imagined that Timantang and Bantay Abot were once connected to each other. I guess Timantang was a part of Bantay Abot and left it. Leaving Bantay Abot with a large hole. Haha! Silly me. I don't know if there's a legend or folklore about those two rocks. I haven't done my research very well. Maybe next time, will do that! =)

Strayed Timantang Rock 
Bantay Abot Cave

Waves at Bantay Abot Cave

Waves at Bantay Abot Cave
Blue Lagoon - Boracay of the North. We didn't try to drench on the cold water but the sandy beach can be truly compared to Boracay despite of its massive waves.

The Blue Lagoon

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