Sunday, February 24, 2013

Friendship Never Fades

“Tis the privilege of friendship to talk nonsense, and to have her nonsense respected.” ― Charles Lamb

Since when was the last time?
(Deadma si Bespren sa likod oi!)

Karen, one of my best friends from high school went home with his hubby Angel and 2-month old Baby Iam for the latter's christening. The family resides in Abu Dhabi where KC and Angel works. 

Gutierrez family and the Grannys

It's been such a long time when we last met. I can't even remember when. After our graduation in high school, our barkada get-together was never complete. 

Last week, Gen texted me "Tinawagan ka ba ni Magti? Tinatanong nya kung pupunta tayo sa binyag ng baby ni Karen. Nakatag tayo sa facebook..." I was like "Nagtatampo ko kay Bespren! Di nya ko tinawagan ha! Di naman ako nagpalit ng number eh.... (well yeah the smart number was like a decade now but been using a new globe number hehehe).. Di na rin ako nagpe-facebook..." She replied, "Sige bigay ko mga numbers mo..."  Gen and I studied in the same University and took up the same degree (but we weren't classmates) during college. So we sometimes meet during our batch reunion, get-together or any events.

So I waited for Bespren's call. Got a lot of missed calls actually. And when I finally talked to her, I told her "Nagtatampo ko sayo ah! bakit d mo ko tinatawagan.. " Hehe...She apologized and said she was busy That is what I like about Bespren, she was never mad. She says sorry even if there's nothing to be sorry for. Free spirited and energetic lass. Bespren of all. A mouthful of stories, I miss her being voluble to bits. 

Not knowing where the Kristong Hari Quasi Church in Paliparan Dasmariñas Cavite is, Bespren searched the ever reliable Mr. Google on how to get there. So 9AM this morning (24Feb13), Gen, Bes and I met at Savemore Pasay Rotonda. There were vans on queue going to Paliparan. After an hour and a half, we finally arrived at the church. Seems that a lot of babies will be receiving their first sacrament today. The church was full. Bespen immediately saw Karen and the family. And to our surprise, Paolo our classmate was also there.  The last time we chat was about the NatGeo earth day run last 2012. I forwarded him his picture which I saw from the internet and told him I was there too.

Kristong Hari

Baby Iam is Max's godson! :)

When the baptismal rites was ended, lunch followed at Max's Aguinaldo Highway.

Gen & Bespren Irene
Since Gen never eats chicken, it's all on me and Irene!
Bwahaha Chicken all you can!
But we never finished the whole lot.
Boohoo! :)
Us Girls...
There we had our catching up chitchats. Paolo is now a Network Engineer slash Photographer. Good to know that he is enjoying with his hobby turned sideline - Photography. He captured everything on Baby Iam's christening. Even Karen's parents still remember us by names! Nakakatuwa! :D The last time I saw Bespren and Grace was during AJ's (Joanne's daughter) Aquiqa. Gen and Joanne, December last year at Jo's house warming. Although we haven't met for months, years, it's obvious that we're still the same persons. Nothing has changed except for our being matured and experienced individuals. I am glad and elated to see them all again. Reminiscing our high school days, we wish Gracia (now based in Singapore) and Joanne (had an event to attend to) were there too. 

Cooking up Bespren's pre-nup :D
See you all again.. somewhere!
Bon Voyage Karen and Angel. Have a safe flight back to Abu Dhabi. Bespen, Gen and Paolo, see you again (on Bes' prenup.. hehehe)

If one considers you a friend, no matter the distance or busy schedule, you will forever be in his/her heart. The last conversation for the last 3 years or so seems just like yesterday. Remembering good times and laughing at the same old stuffs over and over again, truly, genuine friendship never fades. See you all soon, somewhere out there, barbie girls! (as what they call us in highschool ;P)

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  1. i miss this event of a lifetime! I agree true friendship never fades even we don't see or talk that much but what is important we know that friendship remains in our hearts. Happy to see Barbie Girls get together again! Binyag ni Aj wala si Karen now binyag ni Iam ako naman ang absent haiyst! Hope we can meet again all someday!