Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ilocos Norte Adventure

This trip has been long overdue since I wanted to go to Ilocos Norte ages ago. Now that some friends and travel buddies have different priorities, I valiantly asked MJ to accompany me. Whether she say okay or not, I will give this trip a go anyway :) so her answer has no bearing at all bwahaha! But surprisingly, she said okay since she wanted to see the Bangui Windmills. So, yehey! This trip won't be my first solo ecapade that I've been planning to. Afterall, a good company on very long land travels is always a great way to enjoy the trip.

Since this is Friday and both of us are on leave the next day, we tried to do our tasks ahead. We intend to leave the office at 1630H sharp because we don't have a bus ticket yet. Partas Pasay is not selling advanced tickets, only one-hour before the departure. So we needed to be at the bus terminal as early as possible or 1800H the most. Due to the nature of our work, we didn't meet our target. And it's a piss that it's only because of a very unsystematic process. Imagine she's been there at the Terminal 2 since 1600H and only came back at 1830H! It's just because no one wants to receive the forms. Only to find out that the one who will receive those forms is in our office! Tsk tsk. Time is gold indeed and it was stolen this time when we needed it the most. Hoping that we could still purchase a ticket bound to Vigan on the 1900H trip, we left the office with my wristwatch ticking 20mins or GO HOME!! 

Feeling like in the reality show Amazing Race, my heart was thumbthumping so really fast, crossing both my fingers (if only I could cross my toes, I would), wishing while at the backride of the tricycle going to Tramo that we could still get a ticket. And luckily yes, we got a ticket. But at the very backseat of the bus. Oh well, better to have it than wait until the next trip at 2100H.

And finally, with just 2 bavarian donuts and a bottle of mineral water to relieve my empty stomach, the adventure begun when we left the terminal at 1850H.

Please click the links below for the day to day journey up North!

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Tick here to view our actual itinerary, budget and contact persons.

Huge thank yous to CA of adventurousfeet and the Backpacking Phils blogsites which served as my guide when I did our draft itinerary.

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  1. Gala galore ha! I can't seem to access your links? Wonder why . . .

    1. easy lang d ko pa napublish ung blogs for the links.. hehehe! churi! mwuah! :D