Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Saturday Chillin'

“A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow." - William Shakespeare


Last Wednesday, I received a viber message from Chang telling me to join the Mt. Tayak climb on the coming Saturday. So the next day, I immediately filed my VL (one thing I like in the office is the filing of Vls, hassle free! :D). So excited to climb again because it's been a year since my last. And of course, will see great friends Jan, Allan and Chang.

I met Jan when I joined Olay MCs Mt. Tapulao climb on August 2008 or 2009, really can't remember hehe :) He is a good friend of my younger brother who influenced me to mountaineering. While Allan and Chang, I met thru Viber. Actually, this all started with the dream of experiencing Aurora Borealis in Alaska.

August last year, Jan created a Viber group where we can all share our ideas about our Great Alaskan trip. The group composed of Jan, Allan, Chang, Bonn (haven't met him yet), Batoy (my younger brother) and me.

And when Allan who is based in Singapore went home sometime in September, Jan organized a meeting to discuss the Aurora trip. I was like "Should I go? I don't know them except Jan". I'm a shy type person remember? :D. Batoy (also based in Singapore) told me "Ate, sumama ka dun. Mababait yun at masarap ang ribs sa Eduvigis". Oh okay! They are my brother's friends so they must be good people. Didn't I say I trust people easily? Hehe so the rest was history. The four of us had our first bonding moment in that Lucena road trip. And followed last December when Allan again went home for Christmas.

So this weekend was our third get together. Allan and Jan just came back from their Indonesian trip. That night at Jan's crib in Calamba, they shared us their not so enjoyable trip. We slept around midnight since we have a 'trek' the next day.

It's a Saturday and Jan, Chang and I was kind of lax to climb. Allan wants to purse even he was so sick with flu. But the three of us were like, "Naku bka lalo kang magkasakit at mukang uulan.... masama iyon ayaw ka naming mapahamak...Bka Maquarantine ka sa airport pabalik sa SG.." So Allan had no choice but to oblige. We just kept on sharing stories and non ending laughter. 

The guys said that they are planning on a Mt. Kilimanjaro or Mt. Fuji trip on August and asked me and Chang to join. Chang said that she shall check her schedule first, but she wanted to. And when they asked me "Ikaw Manang?" I just said "Kung andito pa ko..." And they were like, "San ka pupunta?".... And so I said that it was still a plan and nothing is definite yet. I want to join then in Japan or that Kilimanjaro climb. But they said, "Naku noh kahit wag ka na sumama dun basta pumunta ka sa pupuntahan mo..." I really hope so! 

We aborted our 'climb' and went on a food trip at Isdaan. It was good food and the ambiance were just like the one in Gerona Tarlac. Floating restaurant, huge action figures, Big Buddahs and Tacsiapo, very relaxing and great way to fill our hungry stomachs. 

Allan, Manang B., Chang Dogra =)
Jan shouting Tacsiapo!!!!
Chang shouting Tacsiapo!!! (mute mode)
But before we left the restaurant, they surprised me with something. When I was opening it, I was thinking, "ano to? bakit kaya?" And when I saw it, tears want to flow but I tried not to. I was really touched and overwhelmed. We didn't meet or talk so often but they are thoughtful enough to remember me. With my cracking voice I just uttered "bka naman mapre-empt!.." They think if ever I pursue, it could take so long for the four of us to meet again. Awww.... 

Cute noh?!
On our way home, we also had Mernel's cake. The chocolate cake that we've all been craving for since the first time all of us met last year.

Indeed! lasted 5mins..
According to C.S. Lewis, “Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” It starts with one hi or hello. Meeting people whom you can share you passion, interests, accepts you for who you are and who can stand your weirdest moment is a blessing from above. Nothing is constant but change. Friends come and some did go. And I thank God for letting me meet and have good people around me.

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