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Travel Back in Time - Vigan Tour - Day 1

“The beautiful journey of today can only begin when we learn to let go of yesterday.”  ― Steve Maraboli

We left Partas Pasay Terminal at 1850H. Starving as I am, not so comfy at the backseat of the bus, MJ and I were excited to begin our adventure. Yeah, we do miss our travel buddies. It's good to have great friends who can join the blissful feel of journeying. But things come and go, everybody changes and so are friends. ----- my arteries just want to share:: that as we give a part of ourselves to people whom we shared our life, happiness, downfall, love and passion - that whatever happened in the past whether good or bad, they are still a part of us. Even if we try to avoid everything about them, they're like tattoos stuck with us no matter what. I guess, it's just because we still care for them. Long land travels lets my mind reminisce so much even if I don't want to. It's like an automatic button when I'm in idle mode, the memoirs just flickers in my head. Ah, enough of the this emo telling. :) Let's start with the adventure anyway!

Arrived at Vigan around 0400H super dooper early in the morning. Since Green R Hotel is near the terminal, we checked-in immediately so that we can rest and reserve some energy for today's quest.

Green R Hotel Entrance
The sun was shining brightly from the hotel window as if telling me to get up. It was 0700H and yeah, I'm in Vigan and I shouldn't waste any minute nestling in bed. So MJ and I prepared ourselves for the Vigan Tour with our scratched itinerary and ballpen to account our endeavor.

Since we don't have a specific location in mind, a city map nor unlimited phone internet, we asked a tricycle driver to bring us to Calle Crisologo. After 5 minutes or less, the tricycle stopped infront of Crisologo Museum. We were like, "Ang lapit naman pala! Manong Calle Crisologo na po ba to?" He said "Oo Crisologo na". Only to find out, it's the Museum not the Calle. It's a good start for this day anyway. The Museum was still closed so we roam around to find a restaurant or any carinderia.

We ended up in Abuelita's Restaurant in the corner of Calle Mabini and A. Reyes. There's no better way to stuff our rice loving bellies with Longsilog for me and Tapsilog for MJ. The food was just okay, similar to the usual silogs. Aside from the longganiza + sukang Vigan, there's nothing special. 

After the very nice breakky, we headed back to Crisologo Museum. Since it's an old structure, expect it to be tattered. But I think they should renovate or atleast clean it always. There I found out that Floro Crisologo was the author and spearheaded SSS which we have right now. He was brutally assassinated inside the church! And the Lady Governor who was then pregnant was ambushed, but luckily survived! Imagine the political rivalry during that time. You can also find the Caruaje used by Carmina Villaroel and Rustom Padilla (now Bebe GandangHari) in their movie Maruja.

Crisologo Museum
Crisologo Clan...
The Car where the pregnant Lady Governor was ambushed
Subsequent to the historic experience in Crisologo Museum, Syquia Mansion was our next destination. We asked the passing tricycle driver to bring us to Syquia Mansion. Again, after 5 minutes or less, we reached the huge Mansion. Observing this Mansion turned Museum, it is very evident that the family who lived there was so rich and had a very luxurious life. Fortunately, museums are open during day time. I think this Mansion is eerie at night time. There were mirrors everywhere, large portraits and more mirrors! Even though someone is still living here (a family or caretaker lives in the other room prohibited to public), it still feels creepy. Alicia Syquia was married to the former President Elpidio Quirino, now I know! =)

Dining Hall in Syquia Mansion
One of the many huge portraits in Syquia Mansion
We hired the tricycle to roam us around Vigan. Sorry but the forgetful me cannot remember his name. :( All I know is his tricycle number VGN 1334 (as if it could help!). I think he is  good man for he never said the price for his services. He just said "Kayo n po bahala, basta ganito po ung pamasahe from ... to ...." . Unlike the not all but most taxi drivers here in Manila, when you jumped in the cab, they will hastily say "Ma'am dagdag na lang po ng 50pesos.." Hell yeah why do they always do that especially during wee hours. Just telling....

Anyway, Manong whom I forgot the name, took us to Loom Weaving - where the the colorful and beautiful cloth are meticulously made. This was not in our itinerary but Manong asked us if we want to see it. We're here to see everything so go lang Manong! =D

Loom Weaving

Baluarte - Owned by Gov. Chavit Singson is an enormous sort of zoo. It seems unfinished yet due to ongoing construction in various areas. 

Baluarte ni Chavit
Pinagburnayan Jar Making House - both MJ and I tried to make a clay jar. The Manong who assisted us demonstrated how to do it first. Then MJ attempted to do the craft. And she was good for a first timer. For me, all I can say is wah! =) For people who doesn't know me well, I have a firm grip on everything. My hands just does it and can't hold anything on loose. Since the clay must be hold on delicately, I wasn't able to make it right. The shape just goes to any direction. Manong was instructing me "Ma'am, wag mo diinan ang hawak para tumaas.." Ah sorry naman po! I'm trying to ease my grip, but still the output was not so good at all. Well, what matters was the fun of doing it which was incredible!

MJ making her clay jar
her almost perfect masterpiece
Oh okay where is my Patrick Swayze (RIP+)?
i know I'm no Demi Moore but thought I was supposed to do
the Unchained Melody Pucca style haha! :D
Maybe Patrick Swayze should get back to life so 

I can experience that! yay! @_@
So mine does not look like a jar eh? Hey that's an art piece!
Don't argue with that hehehe
Bantay Bell Tower - this was used during the Spanish era to look over the town. As it's name Bantay which means 'to guard'. The Tower has five bells with different  sizes and purpose. The bell used for the mass is different from the one used during weddings, baptism, funeral and defense alarm. According to the guide, the largest bell was then used by the late Fernando Poe Jr. (FPJ) on his movie Panday.

Bantay Bell Tower
The largest Bell in Bantay Tower. Notice the hole on the upper left?
 It is where Panday (FPJ) pierced his sword.
The Hidden Garden - Owned by the cheerful and friendly Architect Francis Flores, it is a huge garden where you can relax and feast your eyes with the wonderful plants and clay arts. 

Chill at Hidden Garden
Burgos Plaza / Calle Crisologo - Antiquated pavements and houses with capiz windows was a fascinating sight. Even some establishments like Mcdo, Max's and Legacy disco house was holding an ancient aura. Wandering around Plazas Burgos / Salcedo and Calle Crisologo under the torrid heat of Mr. Sun, we decided to go back to the Hotel and come back later to experience Calle Crisologo at night.

Calle Crisologo

Numerous Calesas at Plaza Burgos
Calle Crisologo....
Vintage Calle Crisolgo
Truly that the famous Calle was stunning with lights. It is great that the old-fashioned style is being preserved here in Vigan. A wonderful experience to travel back in the time of our lolos and lolas :) 

Dawn at Calle Crisologo
Delighted MJ

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