Monday, February 18, 2013

Kablaaw! - Laoag City - Day 2 - Part 1

"You must take life the way it comes at you and make the best of it" - Yann Martel
Almost left by Partas bus, we departed Vigan early at 0500H. Kuya Rommel, our contact in Laoag told us to jump off at Batac Crossing. But when we were about to take off the bus, MJ read the text from Kuya Rommel that he will fetch us in Partas Bus Laoag Terminal instead. It's too early and the Museums near Batac are still closed. The Bus conductor and driver were saying something in their local dialect which I don't understand. MJ and I thought they're mad at us because we changed ticket twice. Wah! Let go of negative vibes mga Manongs! Chill! =)

Hello Laoag City!
Arrived at Partas Laoag Terminal around 0630H, we met the ever smiling Kuya Rommel. There he told us that he cannot accommodate us and we'll be accompanied by his cousin Kuya Eric. As what Kuya Rommel texted MJ appologizing: "Ma'am pasensya na po may iba  pa kasi akong guests. Mabait po yang pinsan ko, photographer pa..". Indeed, Kuya Eric was never just our humble driver slash photographer, he also served as our guide who explains everything we see on the road. About the museums, schools, buildings, structures and most anything else. This is what I like the most whenever I am in new places. Meeting great people who are kind enough to make you comfortable and discern the culture, comprehend the language, appreciate the simplicity, differentiate and welcome the changes, and most of all establish trust and instant friendship with a total stranger.

After breakfast, we started the tour with the Sinking Bell Tower which was located at the Plaza near St. William's Cathedral. 

Sinking Bell Tower
St. William's Cathedral
St. William The Hermit
Fort Ilocandia - a five star hotel, resort and casino. Since both MJ and I are shy type persons (wag na kumontra! :), we haven't got the guts to enter the hotel even Kuya Eric said that it was okay to go inside. So, we just suit ourselves with the great views outside the resort.

Enjoying the morning sun at Fort Ilocandia
Paoay Sand Dunes - We didn't intend to rent a 4WD since the whooping 2500Php was not part of our budget. But then we realized, we can't see anything like these anywhere in the country and we're there to enjoy so we have to try and give it a shot. This desert like powdery land is somewhat similar to the ones in Dubai. Many local movies were shot here like Panday, Temptation Island, Enteng Kabisote and so much more. The Sand Dunes Officer told us that we can experience it for 1500Php in 30minutes. And yeah, it was the best, fun and liberating experience of this trip. The feeling was like riding a roller coaster. The 4x4 driver slash trainer was also kind enough to let us try the sand boarding for free since it was not part of the package. MJ refused but I tried, it's free anyway. I was like, oh no, I wasn't able to do wake boarding, then what's the difference?! All I can say was, bitin! It was awesome! I want to try it again, but I'd rather not. Haha I don't want Manong to think that I'm abusing the free experience. Great deal anyway. Will try it again if I have the means. Here's the link for the short video.

Try it MJ!
South China Sea...
Powdered pathways...
And I'm going to slide now!! Whooo!

Marcos Museum and Mausoleum - Here we can have the information about the life, romance and death of our late President Ferdinand Marcos. He is still lying there (picture taking forbid) for 20years or so. His body is somewhat similar to the ones in wax museums. We all know who he was and what he did to our country from our history class. I know I haven't experience the merciless (as they say) martial law. But all I can say is, during his tenure, he and his first lady Imelda did great things for our country. Power has it's pros and cons. I'm no political analyst but in today's democracy, what have we got? Not all but most are Crocs or Lacoste  government officials. And it's really awful to see the tax in my payslip and can't see any improvements. It's election again this coming May2013, Filipino people deserve the best. Lets vote for the lesser evil who have heart for the people, not for their own pockets.

Makibaka! Wag Matakot! :P
11 Day Romance to a lifetime companionship
The President's Office
Malacañang of  the North / Paoay Lake - The beautiful and lavish house of the the Marcos Family. Very huge like the Syquia Mansion in Vigan. Traditional and modern style combined, overlooking the unspoiled Paoay Lake. 

The Former First Lady Imelda Marcos
The Late President Ferdinand Marcos
Some of their Family Pictures
Paoay Lake
Paoay Church - MJ told me that this was the church in the ten peso bill. I could not verify then but now I know, it's not. Hehe, It's Barasoain Church in Bulacan.

Paoay Church
Museo Ilocos Norte - Here we can see old furnitures and agricultural tools they used way back when.

Trying ro use the rusty sewing machine
Traditional Stuffs... 
Roving Laoag City in just a half day! Great day and cool people! Kuya Eric let us transfer to the bus bound to Pagudpud and left at 1200H. 

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