Thursday, September 19, 2013

Shane Filan, Solo

Westlife front man Shane Filan is coming to Manila to promote his first EP entitled 'Everything to me'. Save the date Lifers! See you on the 28th! :)

Just for a short background, Westlife called it quits after 14 years of bringing us great music. The lads have now their own life outside the band. 

Shane continued his love for music and this is his first solo EP. Nicky is still active in Television, doing the 'Dance with the Stars'. Kian is a mentor in X-factor UK and for the moment is touring the countryside with her lovely wife Jodi Albert and son Koa. While Mark is having a discreet private life, rumors said that he will also release his solo album. Lifers all over the world hope so! *fingers crossed*

So after 15years of being a true blooded lifer, this is my chance to get up close to a Westlife member. And to see him again after the bands last Manila Concert in 2011.

Hoping to have a close up picture with him! Awww I wanna hug him tight. Finally, after 15years! hahaha :) Even Nicky is my fave lad, I love all of them, and Brian of course. Indeed, it'll be an early Christmas present!

now playing: Everything to me - Shane Filan ♩♪♫ Cause I don't need the sunlight shining on my face And I don't need perfection to have the perfect day I just want to see you happy a smile on your face Nothing else matters cos you're everything to me... to me... to me... You're everything to me.. ♩♪♫

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