Monday, April 13, 2015

Hanguk Saranghamnida! 한국을 사랑 :)

Lanie, Joy and Me... Fun time at Nami Island

Since the transferring of my blogs from multiply has been pended, here's a super late post from my South Korean trip. Information and details was not accounted anymore. Its almost a year and I lost all the documents and write ups. My post from multiply was also unfinished. So please bear with me :)

It started with my fascination to Korean movies and dramas. I love everything about them especially Jeju Island. I share this fondness with my grade school best friends Joy and Lanie. So when we saw the Cebu Pacific promo for 1888Php one way trip to Incheon, we never thought twice. I asked my office friend Joseph, who was then in Ohio for vacation if he wants to join. And as a traveler that he is, of course he said yes. And Joy's friend Diane also joined after knowing about the trip.

I booked our flight immediately for April 9-14, 2012. And that was only Nov 2011. Imagine the preparation. Our trip was on time for the spring season so we are hoping to see cherry blossoms. Those little pinked petaled flowers has their own charm that makes everyone enthralled and joyous.

The three of us (Joy, Lanie and me) met almost every weekend to plan our vacation. We kept searching on where to stay, where to go, best attractions and tourist destinations. Too bad, stalking our favorite K-Pop stars can't fit our busy schedule. Maybe next time. :D 

So here's our hectic but still bitin itinerary. We able to do everything in our plan and managed to maximize our stay in Seoul. 

Day 1: Nami Island, Namsan Tower 
Day 2: North/South Korea DMZ 
Day 3: Jinhae, Banpo Bridge 
Day 4: Korean Folk Village, Everland 
Day 5: Changdeokgung Palace, Secret Garden 

Thanks to all our 'angels' and for the guidance despite of North Korea's peril satellite launch, we were all safe. Looking forward to visiting South Korea again in the future. Especially Jeju Island, Jinan and Busan.

now playing: so little time - arkana ♩♪♫ So little time so much to do, I rather spend my days with you,So little time so much to do, I'd like to spend one day with you, And if that day is not enough,Maybe we can stay in touch, But i'm not making plans for tomorrow, For tomorrow never comes.♩♪

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  1. it's never too late. ako din dami backlogs hehehe!