Saturday, September 26, 2015

Binondo Experience

"When I eat with my friends, it is a moment of real pleasure, when I really enjoy my life." - Monica Bellucci

My friends and I have been craving for Chinese food for the past month. So we decided to try and look for the super old Chinese restaurants in Manila. 

Since we are all unaware of the vicinity, we decided to try Lucky China Town. But to our dismay, the area wherein the supposed stalls of authentic Chinese noodles, dumplings and the like are nowhere to be found. With our determination, we walked.. and asked for directions... and walked again along the streets of Soler, and Ongpin until we found Ling Nam.

It was a super old restaurant and we thought, it's the same like the ones we saw in Pop Talk. Though we originally looked for Ramon Lee's, the oldest Chinese resto in Binondo, Ling Nam can take the place.

Inside, it was a very small room which can accommodate atleast 20-25 diners at a time. I dunno if there is still a second floor if the ground floor is jampacked.

Anyway, we ordered Chicken Dumpling Noddles, Beef Dumpling Noodles, Bola-bola and Asado Siopao. 

The verdict? Ask Sir JB for he finished his bowl in less than 10 mins. We we're just nearly halfway our soup and there he was, finished his lot!

It was a good dining experience. We were all satisfied with the food. Yummy!

now playing: Mr. Right - Kim Chui ♩♪♫ Kahit na malabo, di alam saan tutungo Pero di’ ipagkakait ang hinihiling ng puso ko Matagal narin naghihintay, tumibok ang puso koO sana nga, si Mr. Right ka na.  ♩♪♫

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