Sunday, May 19, 2013

Isla de Gigantes

"At the beach, life passes differently. Time doesn't pass by hours but by moments and moods. On the beach, we live following the current, organized by the tides and head towards the sun...." - Unknown
Last holy week, I saw a magnificent pic in my FB newsfeed and I said to myself that I will go there. But my yearning didn’t last long. A friend asked me to accompany her in her soon to be better half’s province in Dumarao, Capiz. I was hesitant at first. I was like, Capiz?  Chaperon? Seriously? Urban legends and the tales about the province of Capiz springs an eerie feeling. Since I have a strong hold of my faith, I gave it a go. I hope to bump with Juan de la Cruz with his Bakal na Krus just in case I needed him. Haha! Yun Oh!

The night before our flight to Iloilo, Lanie told me that we need to abort our plan to visit Gigantes Islands. It was because the elders believed that Estancia is a hot-spot during elections. There’s nothing I can do anyway, so I conceded. I just told them to just research for some other beaches like Guimaras or the Agho Island in Conception.

An article of my Capiz trip will be posted separately. Meanwhile, here’s my Isla de Gigantes experience.

So the election day has ended and they said that Guimaras is far from Dumarao. They decided that we go to Gigantes Island instead. And I think that’s final. My ears clapped and my heart leaped! Haha!! I already set my mind that I won’t be seeing the beautiful island. I was in emo mode for the past days telling myself that I can’t have everything even if the thing I wanted is just right in front of me, within my reach. I must be a good girl then. Yey!

We took the option of taking the Ceres bus bound to Estancia from Sara, Iloilo than to go back to Tagbak Terminal which is around 3Hours travel. For the 2d/1n trip, we left Dumarao around 8am of 14th May 2013 to Sara which was 1Hour motorbike ride.

A bright sunny day full of positive vibes, that even an hour of motorbike ride, river crossing and 2.5Hours boat ride can’t wipe out the smile on my face. Lanie contacted Mr. Joel Decano, the tourism officer in Carles, Iloilo, who provides assistance and tour packages in the island.

The package that he gave us was super worth it even if we wasn’t able to see all the 6 islands. Ian, our very accommodating guide started our tour at 3PM and we only managed to see the 4 islands since we have limited time.

Dazzling white sand islands struck us. Similar to Caramoan, but Gigantes have their unique beauty that no one can resist. Enchanting, magnificent, outstanding! I can’t say anything more but I wish you could see and experience it yourself. If you want to see the islands, I suggest you plan a 3d/2n trip (the least). Activities includes island hopping, spelunking in Bakwitan Cave and the North Gigantes Lighthouse viewing.

Live... Love... Laugh...

the hidden lagoon called Tangke

"Happiness is the settling of
the  soul into its most
appropriate spot..."
Just the smell of the summer makes
me fall in love! ayiiieeehhh!

with friends...
"I just want to live a life without worries.
Where I can be me without fear of being judged.
I want to let go of the past, live the present
and dream of the future..."
Never ignore someone who loves you... likey!
I wish to do the things
I am always afraid of...

just another day in paradise,
 where every hour is happy!!


"The greatest thing you'll ever learn
is just to love, and be loved in return..."
century old lighthouse made of coral bricks
breaking dawn..
the lighthouse..
summer friends --- treasure for all seasons!
our tour guide - Ian
bakwitan cave

our simple abode in Gigantes Island
tree house
the only means of transportation in Gigantes
mountainous scallop shells
The food they served was superb too! Since I am a seafood person, I enjoyed every meal especially the scallops! We were able to eat also some clams that's not available here in Manila. Yumyum!

clams... i dont what they're called but they're yummy!  :)

Below was our actual itinerary:

Motorbike (Dumarao – Sara) – 200Php

Ceres Bus (Sara – Estancia) – 43Php (Ordinary)
Tricycle (Estancia Bus Terminal – Estancia Feeder Port) – 15Php
Isla de Gigantes 2d/1n Packaged Tour – 1905Php/pax
Tricycle (Estancia Port – Estancia Bus Terminal) – 15Php
Ceres Bus (Estancia – Roxas) – 81Php (aircon)
Tricycle (Bus Terminal – Roxas Blvd) – 50Php
Ted’s Super Lapaz Batchoy – :)
Tricycle (Roxas Blvd - Bus Terminal) - 50Php
Ceres Bus – (Roxas – Dumarao) – 71Php (aircon)
Motorbike (Dumarao – Campo Residence) – 200Php

Mr. Joel Decano

Gigantes Hideaway Inn Owner / Carles, Iloilo Tourism Officer
Contact Numbers: 09184685006 / 09199739477

But here’s also a simple guide and some blogs which may help you plan your DIY itinerary, especially if you will be coming from Iloilo Airport.

Van (Iloilo Airport – SM Jaro) – 50Php/pax

Taxi (SM Jaro – Tagbak Terminal) – 120Php
Ceres Bus (Tagbak Terminal – Estancia) – 171Php/pax
Tricycle (Estancia Bus terminal – Port) – 15Php
Option 1: Public Boat  – 150Php/pax
Note: Estancia – Carles is at 2PM / Carles – Estancia is at 7AM
Option 2: Private boat rent – 4500php (for 4pax. Depending on the number of guests, big boats may cost up to 6k for 2d/1n with island hopping and ferry from/to Estancia)
Gigantes Hideaway Inn – 200Php/night/pax
Food – TBD mostly seafood and more yummy scallops!



now playing: Brokenhearted – Karmin  - ♩♪♫See, I've been waiting all day For you to call me baby So let's get up, let's get on it Don't you leave me brokenhearted tonight Come on, that's right Honest baby, I'll do anything you want to So can we finish what we started Don't you leave me brokenhearted tonight Come on, that's right, cheerio... ♩♪♫


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