Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mt. Tagapo

After a year from my last climb in Mt. Pulag, I can now stretch my limbs and breath some fresh air. An unintentional invitation from Kuya Ojie (which I can hardly refuse), I'm back on my track again.

While massaging my back during our break time last Wednesday, Kuya Ojie inadvertently blabbed about  their Mt. Tagapo climb for the coming Saturday. He said Pasay's Best will be having a weekend trek and I have work so I can't join---- definitely. But when I asked for the details, he said meet-up will be 2PM at EDSA Central. And I was like, "Oh, pwede ko half day!". I filed my half day vacation immediately so I can join them again. 

The group was divided into two since we don't fit in Kuya Mar's Innova. The guys took the public transport while Me, Lovely, Kuya Ojie, Leila, Kuya Jun and Kuya Mar boarded his car.

Mt. Tagapo stands in Talim Island, a part of Binangonan Rizal which lies in Laguna Lake. Going there was an adventure itself. Who would've thought that the boat ride going to the city for an hour and half or more is still existing? I last saw this scenario in Bicol. Preserving cultures is great. And I hope that the government would continue to improve those Barangays while preserving it's ethnicity and trademark. 

Forget the throbbing soles, almost half-alive toe-nails and cramping legs. Climbing, no matter how hard or tiring it is, is still a great feeling for me. Especially when I exerted an extra effort to go to the top. An exhilarating feeling that only a fellow nature lover can claim. 

Looking back, I miss those climbing days with good old friends. Well, people come and go. Time passes by and I intend to lax from my activities and focus more on other things. I do admit that I am not so young anymore. But sometimes you can't just ignore your passion which lifts your heart. Despite of all the challenges and trials, being close to nature and the wondrous creation of God makes me appreciate my existence. I had my time and I did enjoy the company of my so-called friends. But now most of them are gone. We all had our own fair share and chose our own paths in  the crossroads of this life. I do miss our adventures and great friendships. Those worthy times when we lived our humble, youthful  life to the fullest and we are all ecstatic and gratified in the simplest way.

Expenses (PhP):
Gas (share)- 180
Food - 200
Boat (Binangonan-Talim) - 100
Guide Fee - 50
Boat (Talim-Binangonan) - 30
Lunch - 60
Wash-up - 20

**photos c/o lovely and lester --- to follow**

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