Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I am thankful... I am Blessed ^_^

When the going gets tough.. the tough gets going! :D

When everything gets rough for me, I always look at this phrases from my cellphone. Reminder that no matter what the difficult situation I'm in, I shouldn't back down.

I am thankful for...

*The taxes I pay because it means that I am employed.

*The clothes that fit a little to snug because it means I have enough to eat.

*My shadow who watches me because it means I am out in the sunshine.

*My neighbor who sings videoke up all night which means that I can hear.

*For my eyes that I can see the beauty of wonderful nature.

*The length of Sales Bridge going to work which means that I can walk.

*For disappointments, that I now knew the things that matters to me most.

*For Baby Nicky who strangles my hair, that no matter how hard my day was, she always makes it to be worth living.

*All the tears that I have cried, which taught me to appreciate laughter and see the joy that comes after.

*For all the storms, knowing that there is a rainbow at the end.

*For the pain, that I have known compassion for suffering.

*For the difficult people, they have shown me who I do not want to be.

*For today and yesterday, to make me look forward for tomorrow.

*The crows of Tatay's roosters in the morning because it means that I am alive.

now playing: More than this - 1D  ♩♪♫ Im broken, do you hear me? Im blinded, cause you are everything I see, Im dancin alone, Im praying,That your heart will just turn around, And as I walk up to your door, My head turns to face the floor, Cause I cant look you in the eyes and say, When he opens his arms and holds you close tonight, It just wont feel right, Cause I can love you more than this, yeah, When he lays you down, I might just die inside, It just dont feel right, Cause I can love you more than this, Can love you more than this ♩♪♫ 

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