Sunday, April 21, 2013

DIY Donsol, Sorsogon Itinerary

Wanted: buddy
Believe if or not, I am a licensed scuba diver but I don't know how to swim. I have this fear in water that if my feet does not touch the bottom, I'm rattled. I dunno why. Tried several swimming sessions to overcome this fear. And still, I can't confidently regard myself as a swimmer. But I love being underwater! Ironic as it is but yeah, it's the truth. 

As I haven't met the gorgeous and colorful fishes for quite a long time, I planned to dive the Ticao Pass in Masbate. To see the famous whale shark in Donsol also enthused me. 

Research led me to meet Ms. Ruby Lita of Bicol Diving Shop. I asked her to give me a backpacking package since I thought I was alone on this trip. Renting the boat would cost too much. But it so happened that my friends accompanied me so hooray! :D

Anyway, Ms. Ruby gave me a reservation in Woodland beach resort. The guy in the reception thought I was Korean. He kept talking in English. Hehe, I told him that I am a Filipino so there, he spoke Tagalog na. Can't blame him for doing so, most guests were foreigners. Nosebleed uh-oh!

Whale Sharks and Manta Rays were so shy to see us. They never showed up. :( I am so dismayed. I went there for the butanding and manta but I haven't seen any. And the coral reef was not astonishing. The foreigners were not amazed either. They said that the diveshop just collects money for nothing. And why do they take snokrles there. There's nothing to see and that was terrible! I am so sorry to hear that. But they were right. I am also dismayed. I just told them that diving in Batangas, Bohol  or Coron will be better. And they were excited as Ditte and Bryan are going to Coron. As I have seen much beautiful reefs, I guess I am hard to please. No butanding, no manta, I have seen nemo atleast! And oh, the fireflies at Ogod river, very enchanting! A must see especially now that we can't see fireflies here in the city. 

Ms. Ruby Lita
Bicol Divers, Donsol Sorsogon

Below is our actual Donsol Itinerary for a group of 4pax. Expenses drafted as per head unless indicated.

Day 0: If you're from the Legazpi airport, take a tricycle bound to the Van/Jeep terminal 
I took the 1245H flight of Cebupac and met my friends in Gaisano Market. It is possible if you still want to roam around Legazpi, but take note of the time. The last trip of Vans bound to Donsol is 6PM depending on the availability of the van. Sometimes, last trip is 5PM.

LGP Airport - Terminal : 50Php
Van LGP - Donsol - 100Php
Dinner from SM Hypermarket - 100Php

Day 1:
Brunch: 555Php/4pax
Whale Shark Interaction: 835Php (including fins rent. Around 900php if you will rent the snorkeling set)
Dinner: 920Php/4pax
Firefly Watching: 500Php
Tricycle rent to roam around Donsol: 380Php/4pax (St. Joseph Parish, Immaculate Conception Station of the Cross, Plaza)

Day 2: As my friends opt to stay at the hotel and bum at the beach, I went early to the tourism office for the 0630H call time for the San Miguel + Ticao Pass 3Dives of the day. And since we cannot baord the last trip bound to Legazpi, we rented a car for 1200Php.
Breakfast: 180Php
Dive fee: 4000Php
Car rent: 300Php
Woodland: 2d/2n = 4400Php/4pax

The Woodland Resort
The Whale Shark Interaction Briefing
The Butanding Spotter.. 
with the French couple Alex and... errr I forgot the girl's name,
but it starts with letter J! so hard to remember her unsual name  :)
Joy the Librarian
Sir Chris the Physics Teacher
Sis Lanie the former FMM nun to be... now a Values teacher
common whale sharks, come out now!
lanie and me
sea urchin!
I found Nemo!!
my hot pink fins by aquamundo...
Sir Chris....
St. Joseph Parish
Stairway to heaven
Immaculate Conception Chapel
Kneel and pray
Chillax at the resort
believe it or just believe it, it's a firefly! 
hard to capture them wahh
Ditte and Bryan... the Danish divers
San Miguel Island
Ditte and Bryan
the shirtless guy, I forgot his name haha,
he's Michelle's bf,  they're the Canadian Couple
San Miguel
ready to dive
Michelle's back :)

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  1. what month did you go in donsol to see the butanding?

  2. Hi, I was just wondering how you became a licensed diver. I don't know how to swim too. But I'd like to learn how to dive.

    1. Hi! I took the open water course with a NAUI instructor. it was a lecture and pool sessions combined. it was a very fun and learning experience. if you really wanna be a diver, you have to invest in skills. swimming is the least that they will require but its good that you know how to. at this moment I still cannot swim. unless just floating ;)..

      try it and let me know.. I miss underwater...

      good luck and enjoy! 😀😊

  3. Big thanks! ��

    More power!

  4. Big thanks! ��

    More power!