Sunday, April 14, 2013

It Takes a Man and a Woman

First and last? You're hired! - Laida and Miggy version 3.0

I finally had the chance to watch the third sequel of the Laida Magtalas and Miggy Montenegro love strory "It takes a Man and a Woman". After persuading my friend Lanie to treat me on a movie date, she finally gave in. :P This is mainly because she asked me to send her off to the airport. Terminal 3 is just across the Resorts World and why not watch a movie before her 1840H flight bound to PPS via PALExpress.

It opened last 28March13 which was Black Saturday. And as a devoted Catholic, I did not watch it on the first day. Haha and for the fact that I don't have company, damn! And this is it's third week and surprisingly, there's a lot who still watch it. And for you guys who are planning to watch it, don't watch it alone. Better if you have someone you can smash an arm at. This movie, like the other first two films 'A Very Special Love' and 'You Changed My Life in a Moment' goes through hurdles of emotions. Tawa-Iyak-Tawa-Iyak-Kilig-Inggit-Iyak-Tawa-Kilig-Kilig-Inggit-Inggit-Inggit with matching goosebumps while exchanging their vows. I have always loved Sarah Geronimo (Laida Magtalas) and John Lloyd Cruz (Miggy Montenegro). They make a perfect pair. Well, I have watched their other films with different partners but they have a certain charisma that I still can't get over with their bebeko and power hug. :)

It Takes a Man and a Woman famous lines which stuck on my brain cells:

1. "Madalas sa kagustuhan nating maging pinakamagaling, nakakalimutan nating maging mabuti. We lose sight of the fact that everyday is a struggle to just be better. Doing good is what kept my family together… for the future of our children, and for our children’s children. It’s not the easiest, but that is probably the best legacy that a person can leave behind – to always believe in goodness and just be a good man." – Luis Montenegro 

2. "I have grown. This is Laida Magtalas version 2.0. Wiser. Braver. Stronger. Bolder. Fiercer" - Laida

3. "Nakalagay sa cellphone ko na piliin mong magpatawad. Piliin mong magmahal. Inulit-ulit ko yun araw-araw." - Nanay Baby

4. "Love is a choice. Ganun din ang pagpapatawad. Pipiliin mo rin yun Laida, araw-araw." - Nanay Baby

5. "I'm just a girl you chose to let go." - Belle

6. "People change. Nothing stays the same forever. Change is bound to happen." - Laida

7. "Tara guys. Taguan tayo. Taguan ng feelings." - John Rae

8. "Ganun pala pag nagmahal ka ng totoo, kasama lahat ng maganda, ng pangit, ng malungkot, ng masakit. Ngayon, kaharap mo ang isang Laida na alam na alam ng buong-buo ang pinapasok niya. Isang Laida na hindi lang happily ever after ang gusto, kundi isang Laida na pinipili ang reality ever after. " - Laida

9. "I messed up. I messed up big time." - Miggy

10. "This is the man I wanna be. For the first time in my life, I wanna be the last. I wanna be the last man you'll ever love Laida. Can I be that man?" - Miggy

11. "Matagal bago ko naintindihan na walang instant happy ending." - Laida

12. "Today I realized I won't be making any vows in my wedding. Because this is not the day for promises. Today I stand here in front of you in complete surrender. I have no worries. I have no fear because I know... I am sure I'm yours." - Miggy

Feel good movie and I can't wait for the next sequel with their babies! Haha! The Laida and Miggy version 3.0. It may be too shallow for people who doesn't like watching Tagalog films because of the same old stories.  But these is how we are, Filipinos. Every girl is dreaming of a happily ever after. Life is not always a happy ending. Having a relationship is a continuous struggle. Accepting all the good, the flaws, the triumphs and imperfections. Love is 100% trust or nothing. Forgiveness shall be given wholeheartedly. Love is a choice. And it is up to us to accept that person unconditionally without thinking if their worthy of not, or just let go. 

Our future is not written in the palm of our hands. Destiny does not decide for us. If we want a happy ending, we have to work on it. We always have a choice. But the choice of the person that we want to be with is a different story. =P 

Thank you sa movie date Sister Lanie! =) dahil jan meron kang power hug!

Now Playing: for all we know - the carpenters ♩♪ Love, look at the two of us Strangers in many ways Let's take a lifetime to say I know you well But only time will tell us so And love may grow for all we know...♩♪


  1. "walang instant happy ending" - Laida

    True. You have to make your own happy ending. At dahil jan patugtugin na ang Happy Ending ni Avril Lavigne. Cheers!

  2. I haven't watched it yet. But base on your story, it seems a happy ending cause you were expecting another sequel with their babies.. I love watching there movies but only after being on the cinemas. After everybody was able to get over it, I was just starting to enjoy the movie. :)

  3. @Jelly Bean: haha! much for my happy ending!! ilang beses ko rin kinanta yan! paulit ulit! :P

    @Anonymous: Thank you and yes it was a happy ending :) I don't watch much of tagalog films in cinemas either. Except that if i like the artist or if i think that the movie has so much value. :) actually, the last tagalog film i watched in the cinema was JL & Angel's Unofficially yours...

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  5. This is one of my top favorite of Sarah Geronimo’s movie. I just can’t wait for her latest project with Piolo entitled The Breakup Playlist. Making it more exciting, is the official soundtrack. All the best for OPM songs and also for Philippine movie industry  Paano Ba Ang Magmahal Lyrics and Chords