Sunday, April 21, 2013

Roaming around Legazpi

"The mountains are calling and I must go..." - John Muir 
We met Ian Jay (me and Lanie's grade school friend) at Legazpi City. ian Jay is working as an accountant in the Philippine Navy - Legazpi Office. As I have told him I'll be in Bicol, he said we can meet and tour me around the area (thought I was on a solo trip) :D he and his friend Sir Eric was kind enough to accompany us to our home in Pili CamSur. Imagine the 2-hour drive from Legazpi to Pili. And Sir Eric is on duty that night at 12midnight. Aww thank you Ian and Sir Eric. :) Cheers!

Black Sand Beach - Along Bacacay Coast (inside the navy's office), where Ian almost drowned, not once, but twice!
Black Sand Beach
Ian Jay (in yellow) tells
about his drowning moment/s :)
Dinner at 1st Colonial Grill to have a taste of their not so ordinary ice cream flavors especially Sili ice cream!

Joy (orange), Lanie (Pink), Me
Sir Eric (Green), Ian Jay (Yellow), Sir Chris (Blue)
Sili Ice Cream! Hottie hot hot!
Different Flavor Ice Cream
Malunggay, Pili, Dalandan
Ligñon Hills - I am used to trekking but this one, is a sort of punishment? Holy week was over but why do I have to sacrifice? Haha, we detoured in Kapit-Tuko Trail, the shortest way but 'twas a sort of jungle. There was no trail. Wah! Thankfulness we came our of it safe and alive hahaha! :0) A lot of activities to do there like the ATV and Zipline. But since the ATV rent is expensive, we tried zipline instead.

never ending pathway
rest / pictorial mode...

View from the top of Ligñon Hill
Random Shot...
Kapit Tuko Trail

City View, Ligñon Hill at night

 Embarkadero - Similar to Baywalk in Manila. 

Our Lady of the Gate Parish - Located in Daraga, Albay. This church was built in 1773 by the Franciscan Missionaries and is also known as Daraga Church.The National Historical Institute of the Philippines declared the church as historical site as a National Cultural Treasure.

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  1. ooohhh, i wanna try the different ice cream flavors!!!

  2. ha @jellybean! meron pang isang flavor 'tinutong'! d ko napicturan but literal na bigas na tutong ang taste.. hehehe