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The Script In Manila - #3 World Tour

♪♫ I still look for your face in the crowd  Oh, if you could see me now 
(Oh, if you could see me now) Would you stand in disgrace or take a bow 
Oh, if you could see me now (Oh, if you could see me now)♪♫
They said they're gonna be back. And indeed, there are here now! Whoo! The Script, an Irish threesome Danny, Mark and Glen whom I love to bits. Not because of them being Irish (uhm, partly yes!), but mainly because of their great songs which they themselves wrote and experienced. I feel their lyrics, every word seeps through my veins, heart and internal organs.. hehehe :) I wonder who was the girl who dumped Danny that he was so heart broken to write all those heart pounding songs. Hmmmm....

Danny and Mark was a former member of the boyband wayback the late 90's / early '00s called MyTown. Behind the cover of Now That I Found You, which is one of my favorite songs. It's good that they reinvented the band from the pop boys to the alt-rock-pop band.

I was disappointed when I found out that the tickets were already sold out! I just happened to see it on my friends' FB post. Being lax that I can get a ticket anytime - knowing about the concert since last year. I thought that I'll be watching this concert alone, it's good that my colleague Clovis also likes The Script. I cannot forgive myself (bitter forever I guess) if I can't watch them again. They are great performers and the concert is a must see. Thankfully, Ticketnet announced for additional seats on limited areas. I chose the Upper Box 315A-5, near the stage atleast (I was in GenAd during their first concert). While Clovis has the #12. Thank you to the people (in between our seats 5-12) who are kind enough to move so we can occupy 5-6. hehe

my actual ticket.... 
He're the set list last night at Araneta. But after the last song 'Hall of Fame' and they are about to take a bow, the crowd cheered 'We want more'. And for them being kind enough to do another song 'Good ol' Days'

1. Good O'l Days
2. We Cry
3. Breakeven
4. Science & Faith
5. The Man Who Can't Be Moved
6. If You Could See Me Now
7. Before The Worst
8. If You Ever Come Back
9. Nothing
10. I'm Yours
11. Six Degrees of Separation
12. For the First Time
13. You Won't Feel A Thing
14. Hall of Fame
15. Good Ol' Days

I cannot say more for the overwhelming sold out concert last night. I'am not being biased, but Irish bands are the best! I do like other bands. But Irish being the kindest. I so love Danny going around the patron area. Lucky those people! Arrghh envy to death! They're so funny to drank beer and even asked the audience to get their phones and call the person who just broke their heart. Danny picked up one of the audience' phone and used it while singing 'Nothing'.

To sum it all up, great concert. Two thumbs up, including my feet! Haha! Note to self: if it's The Script, it should be a VIP seat. The first and second time in the upper bench can be forgiven. But the third time, oh no it must be in the VIP--hopefully! Because what you paid for is all worth it.

The Script = Great Crowd = Great Songs = A very Enjoyable Easter Sunday = Awesome Night (or should I say, L-E-G-E-N-D-A-R-Y!) :D

Photos taken by my reliable CP. Credits to the respective owner/s unless otherwise watermarked.

Since it's Easter Sunday, the lads showed
off knocking the bunnies!
Source: @TheScript Twitter

Source: @TheScript Twitter
The Script having fun in Philippines
Source: @TheScript Twitter
Clovis' in Araneta

The Script I heart! ♥♥♥

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